PINLIGHT has today released her new single titled ‘Grow Slow’. PINLIGHT has that certain panache about her music that uplifts while it entertains. She has that soft style voice that floats just above the music in a signature way that can leave the listener wanting to know more about her and her sometimes retro, sometimes pop, and entertaining style.

‘Grow Slow’ is out today.


PINLIGHT is the alt-pop songwriting project of Edinburgh-based multi-instrumentalist Jenny Laahs. Jenny is a hearing-impaired musician, acquiring a profound unilateral hearing loss at the age of 4. She began performing on the songwriter scene in Edinburgh in 2014, playing ukulele and piano.

In 2018 she transitioned to a more electronic sound and adopted the moniker PINLIGHT, in reference to A Pin-Light Bent by Joanna Newsom. Inspired by Kate Bush, Passion Pit, and Stealing Sheep , PINLIGHT combines these influences into retro-tinged soundscapes, fresh but with a sense of nostalgia.

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After gigging around Edinburgh with a live band in 2018, Jenny retreated to her home studio in 2019 to record the independently produced and released debut album, Grow Slow, produced entirely in mono in recognition of her hearing loss. In 2020, Jenny has been working on remixes to be released in October and November, as well as writing new original music for 2021.

PINLIGHT live gigs are performed by Jenny Laahs on keys, vocals, and samples, sometimes with help from Gráinne Ravani Foster, Dominika Czerniga, Rosalind Sharp, Artem Kobeletskyy, Calum Cummins, and Ali Tod.

About ‘Grow Slow’

The title track of the release, Grow Slow (single edit), is an upbeat ode to a slow burn. Reminiscent of CHVRCHES and Christine & the Queens, it features soft vocals over a catchy melodic hook and retrowave synths. Award-winning songwriter Friedemann Findeisen of Holistic Songwriting described this song as “ethereal and really groovy, a really impressive track”.

The release also includes Grow Slow/Now Breathe, a remix produced in collaboration with Edinburgh’s techno-folk legends Yoko Pwno. An even more upbeat and danceable track, perfect for working out or a solo rave at home while we’re all stuck inside.

Photo credit: Delia Spatareanu