Have A Good Day has released their latest single titled ‘It’s You’. Smooth beats laid under a suave musical mix showcasing already sublime vocals, what you end up with is a single that just extended summer by a month. Considering it’s the hind end of winter down under makes them even hotter for my ears. The song is a subtly infectious, but not in your face, kind of vibe that excels just by existing.

About Have A Good Day

Having debuted at the beginning of the year with the single ‘Somebody, Nobody’, followed quickly by ‘Feels Like Magic’, James MacCallum and Luke Minness continue to impress with their enthusiasm and engrossing ethos to have a really good time, all the time. ‘It’s You’ encapsulates this essence as a party anthem dedicated to the rekindling of lost love.

The track is characterized by its highly catchy falsetto earworm, which weaves throughout the tune, creating a sense of pure pop ecstasy. The song bursts with a gravity-defying palette of instrumentation, featuring heart-pumping beats, vivid synths, and the charming and graceful vocals of James MacCallum. The smooth vocal delivery in the verses is followed by an enchanting falsetto melody in the chorus that is a dopamine rush in the nervous system.

The duo’s distinctive sound and energetic performances have already earned them recognition within the Perth music community. Recently nominated for the Western Australian Music Industry’s Pop Song of the Year award, Have A Good Day’s electric live shows have seen them sharing the stage with notable acts such as Hot Dub Time Machine and Alter Boy.

Their involvement in the FIFA Women’s World Cup Fan Festival –alongside many more festivals and tours in the pipeline yet to be announced – further cements their position as rising stars in the music scene.

‘It’s You’ bleeds the heart and soul of this duo and what they’ve set out to accomplish. Have an awesome day with this blissed-out single, out everywhere now.