Super Ghost has released their latest single titled ‘Complacent’. Starting out like a classic, Super Ghost hit the hook with the feels and supercollide with a song with future legendary status.

While being as memorable as it is, what I also hear is the steadfast tightness of the band as a collective. You can tell this is a group of musicians that belong together. The atmospheric nature of parts of the song with instruments only found outside of the box, along with those quirky signature riffs sprinkled throughout, give Super Ghost a super chance at longevity.

About Super Ghost

With an innovative blend of niche genres like Midwest emo and accessible indie rock, the band seamlessly crafts a highly polished and emotionally resonant sound. Navigating the complex emotional landscape of complacency, their new single invites listeners to reflect on moments when familiarity holds them back from pursuing a more fulfilling life.

Infused with bittersweet undertones, the energetic melody draws on Alexander Shoesmith’s personal experience of leaving a stagnant job, delving into the inner struggle of embracing change and growth. Fittingly, Shoesmith takes lead vocals on the track, showcasing his velvety, grounded vocal tone, perfectly complementing the intricate melodies

Shoesmith shares, “Complacent is a heartfelt reflection on those moments in life when we find ourselves stuck in the comfort of the familiar, even if it’s far from fulfilling. This song allowed me to express the mixed emotions of nostalgia and regret while also igniting a spark of hope for a better future.”

‘Complacent’ effortlessly weaves intricate guitar riffs with gracefully chanted vocal deliveries, creating a harmonious blend that – although technically complex – feels easy and approachable. The song’s dynamic tempo and time changes alongside spacious bridge sections, complete with reverb-drenched guitar shimmer and distant horn parts, capture the essence of the band’s unique musical identity. The melancholic track allows space for introspection while bursting with a bright, hopeful energy that motivates one to get out of a complacent rut.

Super Ghost’s music is a poignant reminder that even amidst life’s challenges, there is always the possibility of growth and transformation. As the lyrics resonate with the struggles faced by many, the band creates an anthem for breaking free from complacency and embracing a more meaningful life.

With their compelling storytelling and seamless musical fusion, Super Ghost continues to carve their niche style in the indie rock scene. ‘Complacent’ promises to be another powerful addition to their growing discography.