1. An Interview with Abe Grossman Jammerzine Exclusive 49:44

Today we have a special interview to share in the form of Abe Grossman. While today Abe is premiering his new video and single titled ‘Speed Of The Night’, we get the story behind both the music and the musician. And, in my opinion, that makes this all the more special.

Abe is a musician that has lived his music. Part autobiographical. Part therapeutic, each song is crafted from his heart, which is firmly on his sleeve. I learned from this interview as much as I loved it because it is from someone who has had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and shows what he learned from that and more, in the truest form an artist can convey.

‘Speed Of The Night’ reads like a letter, possibly to the self. Written at the light at the end of that dark tunnel. Sung with experience and recorded with care, ‘Speed Of The Night’ is an anthem to ascension and a song for the lost. We all have our own stories of darkness. This is one of them. This is what we learn in that time of life transition and shows that we can all overcome and undertake.

About ‘Speed Of The Night’

Today, Minneapolis-born, Los Angeles-based songwriter Abe Grossman shares a heartfelt new song + video “Speed of the Night.” Inspired by iconic storytellers like Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, Grossman sheds some light on his own journey, addressing his dark past of drug addiction. Now, nine years sober, Grossman sings about a time when he would use drugs to mask his pain in “Speed of the Night.”

“Like many songs, this one just came from inner or outer space,” says Grossman. “I have gone through a lot of darkness to find a light that I could carry in my life. Those experiences have given me the desire and perspective to help other people find their way. This song is about that journey. The video is a snapshot of my life at the end of my using. We shot the video in the same area where I was during that time. I was able to participate in directing it to tell my story.”

“Speed of the Night” is out now via Independent Release.

About Abe Grossman

Abe Grossman is an American singer-songwriter and alternative acoustic rock musician who was born in Minneapolis, MN, and raised on a diet of punk and new wave, and of course, hometown hero: Prince. After meeting Prince at a young age, he was inspired to take up the guitar as a way to express himself and organize his feelings, good, bad and ugly.

Grossman began writing songs inspired by storytelling legends like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, and others. His songs echo these early influences. “I think Bob Dylan had the biggest influence on me. I remember walking down the streets of Minneapolis listening to Mr. Tambourine Man and feeling something special and ineffable. That’s a feeling that I’ve worked all of my life to tap into in my own music.”

Having played in bands for years, a great lover of rock and roll, Grossman has found more of his heart and soul in the stripped-down song, the focus on the songwriting craft, and an expression uniquely his own. The new single “Speed of the Night” is Grossman’s most vulnerable, and personal as he reveals elements of his dark past. Grossman plans to follow the single with a full-length album later in 2021.