1. An Interview with Advait The Dragon Jammerzine Exclusive 28:53

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Advait The Dragon. Today Advait releases his new EP titled ‘Dancers In Space’ (review below). With that said, Advait is clearly an artist with a sound all his own. Sometimes fun, sometimes serious, always original.

In this interview, we talk with Advait about his beginnings in the music world, the new EP, as well as said sound and what his plans hold in the future.

About ‘Dancers In Space’

‘Dancers In Space’ is an eclectic EP with a smooth feel and an original sense of self about itself. From the music to the mastering we get a feeling with each track that features his original approach to the guitar as well as his lush vocals and his creative approach to songwriting. That ‘I thought it was going left when it went right’ feeling is welcome and subtly played in ways that only a true songwriter can achieve.

“This EP is a microcosm of sound. The songs are about emotions I’m grateful to be alive to feel; emotions which have shaped me as a person. I’ve been awed by the forces of change; I’ve experienced the profound beauty of consent in my heart. I’ve felt the freedom of knowing and loving yourself. These songs are an attempt to translate that raw emotion into sound.”

About Advait The Dragon

Advait, The Dragon was hatched in Cincinnati, OH during the Covid-19 pandemic. Blending elements of pop and lo-fi, songwriter Advait Redkar crafts a sound wholly recognizable as his own. All instrumentation is written and recorded by himself, with special guests occasionally featured.

Dancers In Space is intended to be heard in sequence. Seeking to express different emotions as opposed to sticking to one genre, the EP is a roller-coaster ride with thrilling peaks and serene moments of clarity. Exploring the shared moments of human experience, the album provides a brief glimpse into existing as a dancer in space.

Advait has been playing shows and recording with various local groups since 2016. He started playing music at the age of 8 on a toy keyboard, and studied Indian Classical music (playing the Sarod) before picking up a guitar. Currently, he is working on the follow-up EP to Dancers In Space, as well as directing his own music video.