1. An Interview with Bridget Caldwell Jammerzine Exclusive 29:41

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Bridget Caldwell. Bridget recently released her debut EP titled ‘Kingmaker’. And from that EP comes the official premiere of her new video titled ‘Lie A Little’ (video below).

In this interview, we talk with Bridget about ‘Lie A Little’; from the meaning of the song to the message behind the video and everything in between. This interview captures that magic moment from an artist somewhere between the start and takeoff.

‘Lie A Little’ Video Premiere

‘Lie A Little’ is the new video from Nashville based artist Bridget Caldwell. I have to start this off by saying you really need to listen to the section in the interview above as to what we talked about concerning this video. Consider it when great minds think alike, lol. But, in all honesty, its the simplicity of the song combined with the earnestness of the music. This is a beautiful song from the heart of a person who can wear their heart on their sleeve. The message is upfront and surrounded, or framed, as we could say, by an atmosphere of melody and music that add to the attraction as well as the meaning.

Bridget had this to say about ‘Lie A Little’:

‘It’s always a little funny to me how our intuition can sneak up on us in the process of writing. When my friend Hadley Kennary and I wrote this, I was in a relationship I thought would be my last. I was on a particularly aggressive Sheryl Crow bender at the time and started singing “I wish you would lie just a little” in the shower one day while washing my hair. The two of us started talking about the feeling of being so desperate for everything to be okay that you’d take ignorance over reality. It wouldn’t be until much later that I realized: maybe I subconsciously knew something was going on in my love life…even if I wasn’t ready to admit that outright.’

About Bridget Caldwell & ‘Kingmaker’

Nashville-based indie-pop/country artist Bridget Caldwell has released her debut EP ‘Kingmaker’. The project arrives following support from Holler Country, Ditty TV’s Ditty Dozen, Guitar Girl and CMT who also premiered the video for the title track. The singer/songwriter’s inspiration for “Kingmaker” was her experience watching her mother working hard to keep the family going while also rebounding from several tough breaks. “Kingmaker” serves as Bridget’s call to spread kindness and let our people know how very much they are appreciated. CMT agrees, saying the single and video for the title track “offers a uniquely personal twist on the song’s deep meaning.” Pre-save the August 6th release, here.

Ready with a quick laugh and a witty sense of humor, Bridget is lighthearted in conversation. In the five songs on Kingmaker, she shows another side – deeply introspective, with unusually empathetic insight into the human condition. For Bridget, the duality of tackling serious topics head-on while still maintaining an upbeat attitude is crucial in order to have a well-rounded life (and, by extension, strengthen her artistry). “It doesn’t escape me that in order to feel euphoric, you also have to feel extreme sorrow,” she says. “That’s a hard reality of life, but I think accepting that makes it easier for me to find the humor in many a moment.”

CMT describes the song “…a ballad that celebrates those whose care and empowerment make us all stronger, more compassionate people.” Bridget explains what truly inspired her, “I thought about the sacrifices my mom made to raise all four of us kids and send us out into the world. I’ve spent my twenties as a nanny while most of my peers had much sexier jobs…and oftentimes it felt like to the rest of society, my job was invisible. It made me think of all the folks who give up everything to support a partner and their dreams.”

For the “Kingmaker” video Bridget called on her favorite actors. She explains “The kids you see in the opening are my nanny kids and their neighbors. I started nannying the kid-star, Julia, when she was just a couple months shy of one, and she changed my life.” Caldwell continues, “we grew up together, me and Julia. She slowed me down in a profound and important way. I always tell people that I thought I understood God before my days with Julia, but I didn’t. I am a different (and much better) person because of her.”

Bridget’s debut single “Pharmaceuticals” was released at the start of the summer and is a sensitive examination of a fractured relationship. Bridget penned the track with songwriter Luke Preston, who was in the midst of a similar situation. What started as a mutual vent session turned into a song that speaks to the heartache of loving someone you just can’t save.

Finding catharsis and connection through the creative process has been so powerful for Bridget that she’s already working hard on a full-length album. Kicking off the project, the Salem, OR native will celebrate the release of her debut recording with a performance in her adopted hometown of Nashville on Thursday, August 26th. More details to be announced shortly.