1. An Interview with Broken Robots Jammerzine Exclusive 57:30

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with one of my new favorites in the Chicago scene. I’m talking about Broken Robots.

Broken Robots are a band that, not only have an absolutely stellar and original EP coming out this Friday titled ‘The Escape Artist’, they are a band that is earning their way and putting their life into every song. What I mean by that is their talents as musicians and songwriters count on chronicling their life and experiences. And this comes out in such a beautiful and creative way that their music demands a listen. Not hear. A listen.

In this interview, we talk about some of those experiences and how they have shaped the musicians, and people, that they have become as well as their music has evolved into what it is. A masterpiece.

‘The Escape Artist’ releases this Friday (June 11, 2021).

About Broken Robots

Formed in 2018, the Chicago group has quickly garnered a die-hard base of fans from the fringes. Their sound can be best described as “nostalgic futurism” — think 1920’s noir with 2020’s production. Broken Robots create trip-hop-meets-indie-pop tunes that keep the listener hanging on the edge of their seat. The band was formed by husband and wife duo Kat Baker (vocals) and Tony Baker (guitar), and was filled out shortly thereafter by bassist Lonnie Phillips. Kat and Tony met in 2015 panhandling on the side of the highway, which eventually devolved into regular trips into Chicago’s west side to buy drugs. By May of 2016, the couple had been arrested numerous times and spent stints in jail and rehab.

Against all odds, they managed to turn their lives around, and in December 2017 Broken Robots was born. Their first album, Home Is Not a Place, released October 2018, was written about their experiences with death, mental illness, addiction, and redemption. Broken Robots’ sophomore follow-up, The Escape Artist (due out in May), showcases a more contemplative, mature, and refined group.

With undertones of neo-soul and hip-hop juxtaposed against electro-fused indie rock, Broken Robots have solidified their trademark sound, a truly one-of-a-kind meshing of genres. The future is bright for the band, and with regular press and radio exposure the industry is finally starting to catch up with what their die-hard fans have known all along: Broken Robots are the future of modern music, the eternal underdogs who are finally ready to have their day.