1. Run Away Beach Tiger 2:59

What was once a collection of musicians, Beach Tiger has become a solo project for Taylor McCleskey, who is from Atlanta, Georgia, and currently based in Greenville, South Carolina. The musician calls upon the legendary names of The Beatles, Tom Petty, John Mayer, David Gray, Eagles, Coldplay for inspiration. In turn, his own sound can be associated with the likes of Passion Pit, Real Estate and Imagine Dragons.

Filled with foot-tapping, cheerful clapping and catchy lyrics, Yenta is the lighthearted freedom that carries summer break memories and young romance while incorporating them with slick electric guitar solos. Beach Tiger manages to incorporate the best aspects of youth while incorporating an old-school, groovy attitude that will catch the attention of teenager and parent alike. Filled with wholesome tones and a jovial atmosphere, the album is a story of adventure and possibilities.

Beach Tiger tells us about the creation of the LP: “Yenta was created using a 90/30 writing technique; you have 90 minutes to come up with a song idea, and you do it for 30 days straight. With a ticking clock bearing down on you, you have zero time to question your instincts. Although Yenta is not a “concept album”, it does carry an overall theme where the protagonist must choose a life of adventure and spaces unknown, or a more comfortable, steady and safe existence. The unique thing is, it is up to the audience how the story is told. By simply changing around the track order you can tell it from two different angles.”

SOURCE: Official Bio