Robert Taira Wilson has released his new single titled ‘Blackbird’. Introspective and somewhat introverted, Robert has a feel for the feeling and a penchant for the profound, and he does it in his own way. Isolation always brings depression. But sometimes it brings enlightenment. This song is about that moment. That moment where we either find clarity or chaos. We all have, or will have, that moment when we feel we are standing at the edge of the abyss. That is when we find our character.

Sonically, the beauty in the song lies with the marriage of Robert’s subtle vocals with the sparsity of the guitar and light ambient orchestration. Almost a combination of heart and despair reaching out for love and faith. It feels out of reach, but we try anyway. What you need to ask yourself, though, is why do we try.

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About Robert Taira Wilson

Robert Taira Wilson is an English singer-songwriter whose music mixes folk with modern alternative songwriting. He is currently based in Tokyo and, in recent years, has released both solo and collaborative records.

About ‘Blackbird’

Due to the pandemic, I’ve taken the time away from performing to write a body of new material. For every time you may have felt disowned or dislocated, removed or redundant. This song delves deep into that moment and cries out for escape and healing. A departure from my usual sound, the song features an arpeggiated electric guitar in place of the accustomed acoustic. Written and recorded entirely from my home studio “Blackbird” will be my first release since 2019’s ‘Shine Shine Child’ EP.