1. An Interview with Californiosos Jammerzine Exclusive 19:08

Californiosos is a band, or duo, uniquely drenched in originality and musical quirkiness. And that is not only a good thing, but a refreshing thing as well. In today’s world of corporate and assembly line music, improvisation is sometimes looked at as a dirty word, largely due to the ‘Spotify Effect‘.

And today we get to talk with both sides of the coin known as Californiosos in the form of Michael Vest and Farmer Dave Scher. Michael and David have a uniquely symbiotic musical relationship and can seemingly feel the groove the other is emulating. This is evident in their new album titled ‘Album #1’ (tracks below).

In this interview, we get to talk with both Dave and Mike about that trademark musical symbiosis as well as a few surprises in store for Californiosos tour wise and where they are headed.

About Californiosos

With 14 generations of Golden State living under their collective belts, Michael Vest and Farmer Dave Scher are naturals at bringing the nouveau/cosmic/West Coast jazz-folk-psych sound. Listen as they open the portals to mysticism, classic exotica, secret ancient-future mystery-history, connection to The Goddess, and much more. Positive vibrations and transcendentally-timeless poetic language make every track highly nutritious while strangely edifying.

The ten-track album takes the listener on a full journey through space and time, asking as many questions as it answers and exploring a wide range of musical styles. From the ceremonial shell blasts of “La Concha” to the final giggling elves of “Little Spinning Planet”, you are sure to be opened, amazed, entertained, and amused (possibly even simultaneously).