As all of us who follow our collective dreams are aware, there are always two constants in life. One is that when you chose to make a living out of your dream that you should surround yourself with people who share the same dream and two, to always be true to that dream. Both of these factors show in the band All My Friends Are Dead. It’s very rare nowadays to see such a focused band in the music scene. A band that knows what it wants and is not afraid to do what it takes to get it. All My Friends Are Dead are, by following these not-so-simple-steps, have become what should be the standard and not the exception of the new music scene.

In this exclusive audio interview we talk to Chris Richter, founder and lead vocalist of All My Friends Are Dead, about what it takes to make it in the forever changing world that is the music scene and how his band is not only defining their future on their own terms but how we can all become what we want to be with a little determination, hard work, and a good team.

All My Friends Are Dead is a true act to follow.

About All My Friends Are Dead:
Cincinnati based band, All My Friends Are Dead are bringing something new and fresh to the air with their melodic riffs and catchy choruses. The five-piece group has been working hard to stand apart from the rest of the pack since their start in 2011 and it has shown. Releasing their first self titled EP in 2012 and signing to Bridgeway Ent./Redcord Records in 2013

The future for AMFAD is bright with extensive touring and their debut full length coming out summer of 2014.

All My Friends Are Dead Are:
Chris Richter – Vocals
Jason Gaitskill – Drums
Zack Prost – Guitar/Vocals
Brandon Durbin – Guitar/Vocals
Dylan Carter – Bass