1. An Interview with Clemont Jammerzine Exclusive 49:30

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with the artist known as Clemont. to capture a new artist with this much talent and at the perfect moment in their career is one of those perfect timestamps between ‘Have you heard of…?‘ and ‘You’ve got to hear…‘. Clemont is at that crossroads.

And we get to talk with her about that and more in this interview. We get the beginnings and how she became a musicians to her latest single and video ‘Sunset’ as well as her upcoming album releasing in January.

“First of all, it sounds too good to be true. I guess I don’t think about it that in depth, but, when I think that something like that could really happen, that’s definitely something to think about.”
Clemont on the legality of the music business.

We also get to see her new video titled ‘Sunset’. Shot in California, the video captures metaphorically that certain time in one’s life where you need to either reset or rebuild. Introspection through reflection and viewing that as a ‘sunset’. What I get from the track is that after every sunset is an eventual sunrise. And that revelation makes this ‘Sunset’ all the more beautiful.

Video Credits

Director: JR Strickland
Producer: Jesty
Associate Producer: Ben Champagne
Director of Photography: Adam Shattuck
Camera: Adam Shattuck
Drone Operator: Darin Conrad
Editor: JR Strickland
VFX and Colorist: JR Strickland
Production Company: Declared Major

About Clemont

Growing up in Bridgeport, Ohio, Clemont fell in love with music through the influence of her father, a guitar player who always had music playing in the house. Being surrounded by stacks of records from a young age gave her a deep appreciation for the rhythm and soul of music that would set the foundation for her pursuit as an artist.

Living in a small town, she always felt like an outsider—more often staying home recording demos on her karaoke machine than going out. These early recordings eventually blossomed into what would be her first official EP, ‘In The Beginning’, produced by Jesty from Holy Mattress Money.

As an artist, Clemont sees herself somewhere between the sugary whimsy of Doja Cat and the blue wave laid back charm of Mac DeMarco; earning her the reputation of being equal parts dance-ready and heartfelt at the same time.

The ‘In The Beginning’ EP marks her transition from bedroom pop hopeful, to a deep pop R&B goddess—growing as a songwriter by drawing on familiar influences while taking bold new steps that hit all the right keys.

She gets inspiration from every facet of life whether it’s the good, the bad, looking at the past, or contemplating the future, closing chapters, or starting new ones. Kate Clemont likes to share time between her hometown and her sweet new spot in West LA where she retreats every year. In The Beginning is out now on Declared Major records, available on all major platforms.

Sunset was written during an odd time in my life. I was adjusting to a new chapter, going through the motions of anxiety and depression, swapping and trying different antidepressants, and generally going through a bit of a rough and stressful patch.

During this period of time, I became really reminiscent of my past, which was a happier time for me. It was something that I held onto to remind myself that I was in love with life once- which really gave me the strength to push through my hard times because I knew that I could, and would, feel that way again.

With this song, I wanted to paint a picture of appreciating simplicity during hard times. When life gets crazy, sometimes we need to step away, take a deep breath, and do something blissfully simple like sitting on a roof and watching the sunset.

This EP is really special to me. Music has been the core of my existence since as early as I can remember. It all started when my parents bought me a keyboard when I was little. I taught myself to play by ear, and would always make little songs and skits to perform for my family.

As I grew up and life began to change, I used music to cope. When I couldn’t make sense of my feelings or the things I was going through, good or bad, I would put that strange energy into a song. Turning my hardships and emotions into art was, and still is, beautiful to me.

Sharing my music with others made me feel extremely nervous and vulnerable at first, and although I still get that feeling from time to time, it ultimately makes me feel strong and proud of my work. The songs on this EP are short stories of my life. They’re like little pieces of me that set the stage and help to describe the person I am today. They detail what I consider to be the highest of highs and the lowest of lows of my journey through life.

Featured image by Zach Rodgers.