1. An Interview with Guitarist Darren DPaul Wise Jammerzine Exclusive 46:03

A working musician is a hard profession to make a living. It’s competitive and can be sporadic at times, as most professions are. But, in today’s interview, we talk with a musician who not only makes a solid living in the music business but a reputation as well. That musician is Darren DPaul Wise.

Darren is not only a solid musician but a virtual encyclopedia of guitars and everything related to guitars. An endorser of PRS Guitars, Darren not only knows the ins and outs of music in general but his instrument of choice.

Currently, Darren can be seen on the ABC show hosted by Drew Pearson titled Drew Pearson Live on ABC. Darren also has an abundance of music projects in the works and is currently at NAMM 2020 representing PRS.

About Darren DPaul Wise

Darren DPaul Wise the Dallas-based guitarist is currently the music director for the Drew Pearson Live television show on ABC. This is a sports and entertainment primetime NFL pregame show based on the late-night talk show format with a live on-set band led by DPaul.

All themes and segment music have been written, recorded and produced by DPaul since 2013. His background includes multiple signed bands, session work for record labels, touring guitarist, published hit songwriter and music for NASCAR, MLB, NBA, Chevrolet, various TV shows and commercials.

You can follow DPaul on his Facebook profile Darren Wise or Instagram dpaulguitars.

SOURCE: Official Bio