1. An Interview with Hueston Jammerzine Exclusive 54:14

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with the rockstar juggernaut known as Hueston. Fresh from his career as one half of The Blancos, Cory Hueston is now officially in the next evolution of his personal revolution with his new album titled ‘Orbs’.

What we get with ‘Orbs’ is a confessional of the utmost personal levels. This is the heart on his sleeve. Six beautifully individualistic tracks, each with their own personality, listed in the order they were crafted. And what that creates is a diary of healing. Musically, the individuality continues with a massive set of solid hooks and inspiration found from within. In short, Hueston has created a future classic.

And that is what we discuss in this interview. I came away from this not only liking Cory, but admiring and respecting him. He gets it. Not just about the business, but about life. This is more of a conversation than an interview and there are life lessons to be had. You will walk away from this a better person.

About Hueston

Cory Hueston is an artist, songwriter, and producer based out of Florida. Previously the frontman of the indie/alternative-duo, The Blancos, signed to Republic Records and well received across the world of sync with songs placed in Aquaman and Just Mercy, Cory has since shifted his sights to his very first solo project, HUESTON. Hueston doesn’t find easement in this wave of commercialism plaguing the music industry of today.

A soul tested and strained in an orchestration of street ragged individualism mixed with a ‘fuck you’ attitude. He is currently putting the final touches across his debut solo mini-album which has been majorly self-contained with the exception of a few select collaborators such as Todd Spadafore. Make no mistake time has done nothing short of evolving his sound. With a voice and energy of a mystic Viking, the only thing overshadowing his vocals is his wild fingerings on the six-string. This man ain’t nothing to play with. Take a seat and admire.