Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with the man himself, Hugh Reed from Hugh Reed and The Velvet Underpants. Hugh has a unique sense of humor all his own that makes him as endearing as it does just plain funny. But, he is also originally creative in many ways. His music has that outside-of-the-box thinking that makes it as original as you can get while still giving a nod to those influences that Hugh pays tribute to in his own way.

  1. I’d Rather Have A Bottle In Front Of Me Than A Full Frontal Lobotomy Hugh Reed and The Velvet Underpants 4:45

But wait, there’s more! There is the release of his new single titled ‘I’d Rather Have A Bottle In Front Of Me Than A Full Frontal Lobotomy’. And, if the title isn’t long enough to wrap your head around, the song will more than make up for that with an original style romp through the mind of a, well, mastermind. The song has as much personality as it does creativity.

About Hugh Reed and The Velvet Underpants

Hugh Reed, until recently was based in Beijing but has just returned to Glasgow his hometown. He’s a Scotsman with a long musical career, he’s toured with The Fall, Half Man Half Biscuit and has supported Mogwai, Simple Minds and Belle and Sebastian as well as many others.

Following local TV appearances his band The Velvet Underpants were invited by Deborah Harry of the band ‘Blondie’ to support her on 11 dates throughout Britain. This culminated in Hugh and Debs doing a live duet of Waiting for the Man, which can also be seen on YouTube should you wish to see it. Deborah also faxed Lou to tell him about Hugh who was happy to hear about him.

Hugh’s debut album Take a Walk on the Clydeside was released receiving a lot of radio play not just in UK but also throughout, Europe, America and Canada.

Hugh describes himself as “multi talentless” and can also be seen in a cameo role in the ‘coolest film of the nineties’ Trainspotting – More recently he acted in the Jackie Chan movie ’12 Zodiacs’ as a butler and has also appeared many times on CCTV – Chinese TV in many acting roles.

Hugh has toured extensively throughout the U.K., Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Ireland. Relocating to Beijing, he recorded his next album ‘Ni fa feng le ma?’ (R U Crazy? -in Chinese)

But for now, here’s the incredibly titled ‘I’d Rather Have A Bottle In Front Of Me Than A Full Frontal Lobotomy’