1. An Interview with Iraina Mancini Jammerzine Exclusive 29:23

Iraina Mancini is a name that, soon, everyone will be aware of. Just check the video for her brand new debut single, ‘Undercover’, below. Coming from a strong musical pedigree in the form of being the daughter of none other than Warren Peace, Iraina, in a sense, was bread for music. And that lineage shows in said new single. It also shows prominently in this new Jammerzine Exclusive interview.

In this interview, Iraina talks about her growing up surrounded by music and how that has influenced her current creative state, her creative process and mixing multiple career paths as a singer/songwriter, model, and DJ at SoHo Radio. Enjoy!

About Iraina Mancini
Singer/ Songwriter Iraina Mancini is inspired by 60s/70s Cinema, French YeYe girls such as Sylvie Vatan , Jacqueline Taieb and Francoise Hardy as well as hints of Psychedelia and Pop.

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She has later gone on to become an international DJ spinning Northern Soul, 60’s Rhythm and Blues and Garage rock which has influenced her sound greatly. She also presents her own weekly music show on Soho Radio where she has gained a strong following playing her love of all things vintage.

SOURCE: Official Bio