Jammerzine presents an exclusive Zoom interview with Janna Jamison, an LA/Nashville-based singer-songwriter, vocalist, and multi-talented musician. She is most known for her 2020 EP entitled ‘White Guys That Play Jazz’ accompanied with her single ‘Paris’.

As a student at Belmont University School of Music, Janna Jamison shares her incredibly interesting perspective on the music scene as she explores her hometown influences and how they interact in a country/indie-rock music environment.

Initially giving off an Indie singer-songwriter vibe, Janna Jamison is hesitant to label herself: as of now, her sound is extremely experimental. By incorporating elements such as Jazz and indie rock, Janna Jamison explores and tests around with different genres, bringing something entirely unique to the table.

In this interview, Janna details her history and background in music, as well as her pop-music influences and advice to other aspiring young musicians.

Janna Jamison is releasing an upcoming EP this year called ‘Pulling My Clothes’ on all major streaming platforms. She is also premiering a music video for a song on her upcoming project called ‘Invitation to A Beheading’ which includes vintage-musical theater influences.

Her released projects and social media can be found below!

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