1. An Interview with Joe Symes & Colin White from Joe Symes & the Loving Kind Jammerzine Exclusive 39:09
  2. Summer's Almost Coming Joe Symes and the Loving Kind 3:19

When last we left Joe Symes and Colin White they had just finished their last EP titled ‘Acoustic Variations Volume II‘. And now they are back with the next evolution in their revolution with a full change of path with their new album ‘Phase II‘. When I say ‘change of path’, I don’t mean that lightly. This is almost a completely new band. With a new, heavier sound, within is still the core styles that make up the band from birth, however. The roots are still solid but the branches are harder and the leaves are fuller. Just check out the sample song, ‘Summer’s Almost Coming’,  below the interview for proof.

This time around, we talk with Joe and Colin about how their evolution led to this new place and their current tour and plans, the story behind the album and it’s artwork, as well as a glimpse into their future.

Get your copy of ‘Phase II’ HERE.

About Joe Symes & the Loving Kind
Joe Symes & the Loving Kind are a three-piece band from Liverpool, UK, and consist of Joe Symes (vocals, guitar, harmonica),  Andy Cleary  9bass guitar), and Colin White (drums, percussion).
After finishing an 11-month tour of the UK in November 2017 the band finished recording their second album at Peter Gabriel’s Solid State Logic Studio’s in Oxfordshire July 2018 and are now touring the UK to promote ‘Phase II,’ which was released on September 28th, 2018.