1. An Interview with Karizma Jammerzine Exclusive 38:17

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with the UK-based musical juggernaut known as Karizma. We also have the added bonus of premiering his new video for the track titled ‘Ostrich’, his new collaboration with the uber-talented Producers Jack Wolff and Sfm 35.8.

The video is shot in a cinematic style that captures you just enough to introduce the song, then coincides with said song in a symbiosis of imagery and inclusion. Highlighting visually what the song is conveying through its lyrics while capturing that certain something that makes Karizma’s style signature.

And we get a glimpse of that signature as we talk with the mind behind the music. We get that sense of the origins and evolution of his style and choices in of how to make that style his own. This is a timestamp of that moment before an artist blows up. Enjoy!

About Karizma

Following previous collaborations with a plethora of artists including Rodney P, Verb T, and Scorzayzee, UK rapper Karizma has returned with a brand new sound, style, and vibe.

Karizma has found a new partnership with producer Jack Wolff, and together they have created the perfect blend of Hiphop, jazz, and soul whilst keeping an edgy street atmosphere.

While Karizma keeps things lyrically challenging and intriguing, Wolff has created a unique sound which is sonically endearing, where the production smooths the overall vibe to something accessible. The combination of this alongside Karizma singing vocals, and rapping gives this project an even deeper organic feel.

The new single ‘Ostrich’ has a tongue in cheek track ambience about the many everyday blunders of life, while sitting on the back drop of a jazzy, cruising aura on Jack Wolff’s production.

Ostrich adds to the prospect of a brighter future as Karizma lines up his debut album, with the promise of something else to look forward to in 2021, and some cool features including UK rapper Juga-Naut.