1. An Interview with Kitschy Jammerzine Exclusive 1:20:09

Kitschy is a band that has found their sound. And found it over a period of time, learning, and growth. Those are the types of artists that stick in your memory. The ones that you find yourself saying ‘This band sounds like Kitschy…’ years later. Kitschy has their signature sound down and can make it in their sleep.

So, it is an honor to talk with these musicians from Cleveland about said sound, as well as their humble beginnings and how the melting pot was stirred into ‘Cupcakes’ and ‘Burnt Meringue’ as we talk with Tyren Craemer (guitar/keys) and Andrew Treska (drums) about all things ‘kitschy’ and ‘catchy’ about the band Kitschy as well as their new album ‘Cupcake‘, where they’re headed and how they make the music.

About Kitschy

In 2012, Kitschy set out on a mission to whisk together their mixed musical palettes. The newest concoction, “Cupcake,” offers swirling, intermingled guitars, finely chopped with driving, rhythmic bass and drums. Exuberant swells of jubilation are chocolate-chipped with smoky ripples of longing and confession. Kitschy stacks the listener up and melts them back down, only to begin from the bottom again. Themes of light and darkness continually cycle, resulting in a sweet but salty mix.

SOURCE: Official Bio