Introducing Jammerzine’s Exclusives via Zoom! This week, Jammerzine premiered its new exclusive interview segment with its first guest, new-wave artist, and Aztec Record Label Executive LAU.

Singer, producer, and song-writer LAU brings a nostalgic yet modern feel to the new-wave, synth-pop scene. LAU just released the retro-influenced single ‘The Cards” and gives us a look into the concepts inspiring her upcoming album ‘Believer’.

LAU speaks of her cultural and musical background, her inspirations for music and synth-pop, 80’s inspired music making a comeback. LAU also provides a sense of what it’s like being a musician and business owner during the COVID pandemic.

About LAU

LAU is an artist and lyricist from Buenos Aires, Argentina debuting her skills as a solo vocalist.

Located in the UK, she’s been making her way into the modern synth-pop music scene with releases such as ‘Recognize’ and ‘True’ that showcase her retro, 80’s influence. As Creative Director of Aztec Records, LAU has signed over 30 artists and is able to combine her musical talent with her extensive industry knowledge (giving her quite the edge).