1. An Interview With Lost In Seperation Jammerzine Exclusive 23:58

Bands that don’t have that many years under their belt can go in any direction depending on the decisions and work ethic of the members within that band. Today we talk with a member of a band that is focused and determined, which almost guarantees the desired result that this band is working towards, global recognition. In this exclusive interview, we talk with Garrett Parsa, vocalist of Texas band Lost In Separation. We get an insight of the minds behind the music in that these are musicians not only with heart, but with minds as well.

About Lost In Separation
Combining the aural aggression of today’s modern metalcore with an audacious ability to explore new sonic territory, Lost in Separation is a four-piece band from Dallas, Texas.

Taking influence from bands such as Architects, Northlane, Counterparts, and Erra, Andrew Hickman (lead guitar) begun the band in his bedroom in 2015, putting together demo tracks after the breakup of his prior band. Ambitious to begin again, Andrew recruited Josh Fernandez (percussion) through mutual friends and similar taste. After difficulty finding a vocalist and bassist qualified for the technical nature of the music, the lineup was finally complete with the joining of Garrett Parsa (vocals) and Ryon Boswell (bass).

Debut album “Sister Moon” (2018) consists of a professional palette of different metal categories while still holding down a familiar approach to the metalcore genre, showing the band’s flexibility and adventurous approach to melody and dissonance. Lost in Separation intends to continue extending musical approachability while keeping intermittent interest for analytical listeners in their future work.

SOURCE: Official Bio