1. An Interview with Meedon Jammerzine Exclusive 22:50

Today Jammerzine has a double premiere for you, of sorts. We have what may be the first actual review of Meedon’s ‘Purge’ album, out today. We also have her first interview! Yes, folks, we caught a truly inspiring artist at that perfect time in their career. That magic moment when the music proves to the masses that this is, indeed, a true artist.

And in this interview we get the portrait of that true artist discussing her passion for music and where she plans to take it. I found her to be, not only said true artist, but a really special person with a clear plan that is constantly forming into what will be a long a esteemed career. Consider this interview a snapshot of before she took off.

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With the album ‘Purge’, we get an album that seems like it was painstakingly worked and recorded to become a solid album, yet it flows from start to finish with an effortless sound that is as diverse as it is original. Meedon has a unique voice that is powerful when it needs to be, expressive when it wants to be, and creative throughout. She tends to go left when you assume she will go right. And that is what makes ‘Purge’ work. Not just with the music, but with the lyrics and structure as well. You could break this album up into 3 EPs and it would still fit in an artist’s repertoire. And, while each song has it’s own signature, it all fits like a well written novel. Take that for what you will, but there is something for each of you on ‘Purge’. You will find it. Or, just hit the play button and let it find you.

About Meedon

It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I started to write or sing. I was at one of the lowest points in my personal life, and so depressed, I sat down at the piano for some relief. I never expected that I would pursue a life making music, especially given how I grew up. You know that saying, “Stop and smell the flowers”? Or that other one, “Follow your heart”? I was taught to run past the flowers and ignore my heart. The word, “happy”, became an empty and confusing word, and I became so disconnected from myself that I couldn’t even identify my feelings, let alone express them. So I kept it all inside…. until now.

It’s been a long and harrowing road for me, but I have nothing but gratitude now. I am indeed so very HAPPY to be making art and to be able to share it with you today! So please, listen to what I’ve made. I made it for you, for me, for all of us.

“The song of my life is the song of freedom. The song of my truth is the song of great joy. The song of my love is my heart in its opening. And the song of my gain is the gifts I give to others. The song of my rapture is my awakening each day. And the song of my passing is my entry into the new world that is born before me. The song of my life is here to be sung. I am here. I am here. I am here.”

From my heart to yours,

Meedon xo

SOURCE: Official Website