1. An Interview with Melo Relo Jammerzine Exclusive 44:51

Tomorrow (March 27, 2020), multi-instrumental artist Melo Relo (a.k.a. Matt Hoffman) will drop his new single titled ‘Tattoo’ featuring Cole Bauer. But, before that, we get the pleasure of not only a sneak preview of the new song but an exclusive interview as well.

The song ‘Tattoo’ is a guitar infused sense of soul-driven metaphors about the length one can go in declaring the love for another. Beautifully written and masterfully produced with a cheeky sense of lyrical meaning, ‘Tattoo’ is a sense of where #indie is going and music should be.

And, in this interview, we talk with Matt about his beginnings and how his decision to enter the realm of music came to be as well as his music past and present and his plans on where he is taking it. Consider this that magic moment when we get to capture an artist’s thoughts on the cusp of global recognition.

‘Tattoo’ is set to drop on March 27 on all major platforms.

About ‘Tattoo’

‘Tattoo’ started out as a Melo Relo beat, featuring classic psychedelic and guitar-driven production, heavily inspired by modern R&B artists such as Still Woozy and Frank Ocean. The beat was sent around to a few different collaborators and landed with Austin, Texas-based artist, Cole Bauer. Cole was inspired by his experiences with love and commitment to center around the idea of tattoos, which produced the chorus and first verse. On the other-hand, Relo was inspired by his own tumultuous relationship with love to talk about its impermanence and how that contrasts with the idea of a tattoo.

About Melo Relo

Matt Hoffman, known by his artist name, Melo Relo is a producer and songwriter from Rockville, MD. He began his musical journey as a guitar player, doing covers at open mics and local bars at a young age. Through gigging, he developed his own sound and songwriting abilities while also realizing a love for live performances. At the time, his sound was heavily inspired by psychedelic rock and jazz.

In his freshman year of college at the University of Maryland, College Park, his friends introduced him to the world of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop. This new influence of chillwave head knocking boom-bap paired well with his already psychedelic indie flair changing the course of his music into something cozy, wavy, and “Melo.” Relo was an easy and abstract surname that stuck almost immediately.

Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Rex Orange County are all heavy influences to his sound, while he focuses his lyrics on navigating love and identity through his music. Melo Relo developed relationships with the RXNIN creatives early on in his career and now looks forward to expanding on his visuals and video presence, incorporating animation and surreal imagery to accent the spacey vibes he aims for in his music.