Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with multi-instrumentalist Micheal Fordays. Micheal is one of those artists that has literally worked for everything they have earned in music, and more. That, while not being so rare of a thing as other things, like natural talent, has the ability to show that work and drive in his music.

And, in this interview, we talk about that drive and his latest single titled ‘Slowly Now’ and the story behind that single as well as where he is musically and where he plans to take said music.

About Micheal Fordays

Los Angeles native, Micheal Fordays is a veteran touring musician from the alternative underground. From Memphis to Rome, from highway to venue, playing clubs, squats, and theaters. “We were independent, self contained and playing living original music every night, it was a search light for inspiration, a breathing play of experience”.

From co-founding ultra experimental Mind Over Four, to his residency with KMFDM as guitarist, Micheal continued to evolve as an artist and writer, assuming vocals for his own original music while developing further, joining Joan Jones as touring guitarist and sometimes co-writer, and signed to LA’s Overbreaker (Authentik Artists), while performing and recording as a solo artist.

Micheal earned the nickname “Fordays” because of a work ethic and nonstop drive to create, record and play music. He combined his given name (Micheal Jensen) and his nickname to become “Micheal Fordays” which is the name he releases his solo material under.

A love for playing guitar and writing songs brought Micheal’s music to a new high and cemented his own musical style which unfolded to produce “Balls And Blind Faith” 2013, “All The Rusty Keys” 2015, “Into The Black Air” 2019, and “Faces, Voices, And Souls” 2022.

Micheal’s new album “The Mind And Echoes” is out June 2nd 2023. All the songs are written by Micheal Fordays, produced by Micheal Fordays and David Klein and mixed by David Spreng.

On the new album Micheal Sings, plays Guitar and plays Bass and Dave Klein (Agent Orange, Sky Saxon and the Seeds, The Ghastly One’s, The Bomboras) plays Drums, Percussion and Organ.

SOURCE: Official Bio