1. An Interview with Microcosms Jammerzine Exclusive 36:18

To catch an artist or a band at that perfect moment when ideas are new and the creativity is fresh is a wonderful thing. That moment is now for the Chicago band known as Microcosms and their frontman guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Andrew Tschiltsch. We featured their new album titled ‘Fairytale‘ back in September and now we get one of the ‘cosms in the flesh in this Jammerzine Exclusive interview.

‘Fairytale’ was released on October 5th, 2018. Get your copy HERE.

About Microcosms
Microcosms make music to question your beliefs. The Chicago-based Alt-Rock trio began as the brain baby of Andrew Tschiltsch (guitar/vocals), who spent a few years recording solo demos and experimenting with his sound before recruiting Bryan Emer (bass) and Jered Pipenbrink (drums) to fill out the band.

The band blends introspective lyrics with edgy guitar riffs and pulsating rhythms and they are influenced by modern Rock artists such as Arctic Monkeys, Bully, Cage The Elephant, Courtney Barnett, and Wolf Alice.

The new EP is here and don’t be fooled by it’s ‘Fairytale’ title, they’re anything but, prepare to be Microcosm-ed.

‘Fairytale’ was released on October 5th, 2018.