1. An Interview with Miss Cantaloupe Jammerzine Exclusive 21:26

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Miss Cantaloupe front-woman Christina Klaproth, aka Princess. What I love, because I was pleasantly surprised, about this interview is the sheer and vivid imagination behind this band of visual virtuosos is the lush and clear world created around the music of Miss Cantaloupe. It’s, how should I say, Cantaloupian.

And, with that said, you too can get a glimpse of this and the music with this exclusive interview with Christina where she discusses the minds behind the music, the vision, the new and upcoming music, and how it all comes together.

We also get a first look at Miss Cantaloupe’s new video for the track titled ‘Sunshine Daydream’. Filmed before the lockdown, ‘Sunshine Daydream’ shows how things will be again with a bright and beautiful travelogue that fits the gorgeous and wonderfully personal video that captures that easygoing and forward-reaching music that is Miss Cantaloupe with a broad array of musical instruments underlying and surrounding that angelic vocal track that is signature.

”Sunshine Daydream’ is a playful & dreamy love song featuring cascading harmonies and delicate bell tones. The tune starts off softly as the singer coos a sweet message to their loved one. The chorus highlights a build in intensity which carries us through the song to the hypnotic outro that will most likely have you bopping your head to the beat. This tune is ripe with nostalgia, a soft sweetness & radiant joy.’

About Miss Cantaloupe

Miss Cantaloupe flirts with the lines of art-rock & dream pop, delivering the listener a big dose of whimsy & enchantment with each tune. Flute, cello & glockenspiel add a chamber pop element while the rest of the group holds down the groove. May induce daydreaming, euphoria & psychedelic wonder.

About ‘Beets Began to Rise’

‘Beets Began to Rise’ is Miss Cantaloupe’s debut LP. The album takes you on a cinematic adventure through the lush & dreamy soundscapes of Klaproth’s (singer/songwriter) mind with the help of her trusty Cantaloupain crew. Unusual & poetic transitions are sprinkled throughout, giving the listener a peek into the conceptual world of Cantaloupia.

Although no two songs are alike, ‘Beets Began to Rise’ provides an authentic glimpse into the highly unique experience of a Miss Cantaloupe performance.