Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Brian Seese and Tony Vinski from The Redlines. Having released their new EP titled ‘Kick Out Today’, the band are rapidly showing their signature sound and originality among the music masses.

With a nod to the guitar rock and rock legends of the past with an eye clearly on the future, it’s hard not to acknowledge that the four member, six string concept is alive and well.

In this interview we talk with Brian and Tony about that sound and ‘Kick Out Today’, as well as what’s coming up and more.

About The Redlines

Kick Out Today is the newest release from Pittsburg’s The Redlines. This four-track EP is the latest in nearly a decade of recording and touring The Redline’s signature brand of “classic rock & roll with hints of 60’s soul, 70’s punk, and 80’s heartland rock mixed with a touch of power-pop and garage rock.” The Redlines are fronted by singer/guitarist Brian Seese and backed by lead guitarist Jason Lizzi, bassist Tony Vinski, and drummer Sandro Campagna.

The first track, “My Radio” introduces distorted vocals and fuzzed-out guitar reminiscent of the Black Keys. It’s a straight-up pop/rock that descends into heavy psychedelia. It’s loud and unforgiving–basically daring listeners to blast it from their car radio.

“Runnin’ with the Pack” draws from some ‘50s and ‘60s influences. Lizzi’s Chuck Berry riffs meet garage rock vocals. It’s pop and rock in all the best ways. Definitely check out the music video for some hilarious fitness fun.

“Back to Square One” Is a departure. It’s like an upbeat take on The Band’s “The Weight.” It bops, but it’s the most laid back and somber of the bunch. Acoustic guitar and Harmon organ tones complete the package as Seese croons, /The day is done/now I’m back to square one/.

The final track, “T-bird” is a standout both lyrically and instrumentally. It probably has the funniest lyrics while also being the simplest song structurally. “T-bird” begins with the chorus /I wanna leather jacket/I wanna be a T-bird/I would be a badass/ as a ‘50s greaser/. Cue surf-rock drums and Dick Dale tremolo. A simple and effective ode to another time. A more badass time. With cooler cars, clothes, and hair.

The Redlines have big plans for Kick Out Today which will eventually become the first part of a full-length album–the band’s third! The EP was produced by Eddie Ashworth (Sublime, Pennywise, Frenzel Rhomb, Great White) and mastered by Gene “The Machine” Grimaldi. This one is definitely worth a listen if you’re missing those good garage jams.