1. An Interview with Nowhere Fast Jammerzine Exclusive 55:58

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Nowhere Fast. From the Midwest US to the world, Nowhere Fast are a band that fuses their roots with rock and their mentors to their music and creates an original style with the angst and anthem that most bands never achieve within the same timeframe.

And today we talk with Nowhere Fast’s Seth Robinson about their longevity and creative process as well as their new double single ‘The One I love” and ‘You Act. I Write’. You may remember ‘The One I Love’ as originally being from R.E.M.. This version is a must listen as it combines the homage with the re-envisioning.

About Nowhere Fast

Nowhere Fast create dark, energized, and passionate rock that flourishes from their beloved and unmistakable roots in melodic punk rock. For more than a decade, the band has toured North America with Nowhere Fast are a working class Southern Midwestern rock n’ roll band made up of friends from the DIY touring circuit. Their roots lie in Louisville, Kentucky. The band has a new two song single released on September 24th.

The self released single consists of Nowhere’s cover of R.E.M.’s “The One I Love” originally recorded for a benefit compilation last election season. The B-side is a stripped down track called “You Act. I Write” (Alta House Session). This song was a forgotten track that was rediscovered over the pandemic. We just put some color on it. “The One I Love” single was recorded and mixed at Dead Bird Studios in Louisville, KY, with mastering being done by the one and only Kim Rosen for Knack Mastering in New Jersey. Nowhere is recording a new EP to follow 2018’s “Aeonian” LP.

Featured image by Christopher Ramos.