1. An Interview with Palm Haze Jammerzine Exclusive 22:03

Palm Haze is a duo that knows what they want musically. And they get it with their new album titled ‘Rêve Bleu‘. Released last Friday (August 30, 2019), the album is an almost complete showcase of what Palm Haze are going for and where they are headed.

And, in this interview, we get to catch them right at that special breaking point. That point to where you, the listener of this interview, will get to say in a year that you heard about them a year ago when your friends ask you if you’ve heard of this amazing new band called Palm Haze. And in that interview, we catch singer/bassist/co-founder Anna Wagner about this special point in their career and what it’s like to be in an emerging band in this era of global #indie while on their tour through Canada.

About Palm Haze

With fuzzed guitars and airy vocals, Vancouver-via-Brazil shoegaze duo Palm Haze just shared a new video for “Second Round” from their album Rêve Bleu out this Friday, August 30 on YHS Records. Like the track itself, the video starts softly before bursting through with electrifying noise and a wash of exploding colors.

It follows previous singles “Floating” premiered with Clash and “Almost Soon” on PopMatters. As Pitchfork pointed out, the band is “capable of just as furious a swirl” as My Bloody Valentine and Ride, blending alt-rock, shoegaze, and trip-hop influences to create a sound that’s somehow heavy, dark and tranquil all at once. Vocalist/bassist Anna Wagner and guitarist/producer Lucas Inacio (aka Fløver) previously released their Tangy Dream EP in 2017 (DKFM’s 3rd best shoegaze album that year). It was later released on cassette by YHS Records and on vinyl via a successful crowdfunding campaign on Qrates.

This new album, which draws from the duo’s chaotic personal lives in 2018, they describe as “another story told by the unconscious.” Anna & Fløver explain further: “While Tangy Dream feels very tangible and achievable, Rêve Bleu will bring up chaotic emotions and thoughts, taking you much further from reality and closer to the wonders of uncertainty. Where could you go? What could you do? It’s a fantasy you fall on accidentally, revealing risky and forbidden paths. It’s the kind of dream you’re afraid of, but also tempted towards.”