1. An Interivew with Patrick McCallion Jammerzine Exclusive 24:47

A few years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing then solo artist Patrick McCallion. One thing I always noticed about Patrick was his ability to recognize a hook when he writes one. He is an accomplished songwriter and musician, to say the least. And he knows how to put all of those skills into a memorable song. And now he has become part of a band in the form of The New Nostalgia.

The New Nostalgia is comprised of McCallion on vocals and guitar, James Sands on guitar, Sam Bramhall on bass, and Charles Adey on drums. Based in both the UK and The Netherlands, The New Nostalgia are perfectly poised to make a mark on Europe and beyond with their new track titled ‘Fragile Bones’.

And, in this interview, I get the pleasure of speaking with Patrick again as the frontman for an extremely talented band that I expect to hear great things from in the future. ‘Fragile Bones’ is just the beginning.

About The New Nostalgia
The reflective and aggressive sound of The New Nostalgia was born on the streets of Amsterdam when four old university friends tried to comprehend the existential haze of their mid-twenties.

Stained with echoes of Foals and Gang Of Youths, established Yorkshire songwriter Patrick McCallion, along with James Sands, Sam Bramhall and Charles Adey are storming into 2019, bringing their explosive new live show to smoke-filled rooms across Europe. With haunting lyrics that will get under your skin, The New Nostalgia is questioning what it means to be young at heart in a Post-Brexit world.

Debut single ‘Fragile Bones’ is a reflective song about the post-university haze that many twenty-somethings find themselves in. Lead singer Patrick McCallion says “It’s a song about getting home after an embarrassing night of heavy drinking and having a talk with yourself about life in the bathroom mirror. I think a lot of people in their early twenties start to realize that when their parents were their age they had careers, houses, and kids. You realize that you’re still essentially living the same way that you did when you were a student and it hits you over the head like a tonne of bricks.”

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For a band so early in their career, The New Nostalgia have wracked up and impressive list of achievements. One week before the release of Fragile Bones, they were shortlisted by NME and DIY Magazine in their unsigned Mad Cool 2019 contest as one of the Top 50 entrants in the UK. They have also headlined a stage at Long Division Festival on a bill that was fronted by Peter Hook & The Light, We Are Scientists and Asian Dub Foundation, as well as performing to packed out rooms across Europe. Their sold-out debut show in Amsterdam was met with high praise, “ What an amazing evening: the birth of a great band… gave me goosebumps, the strong voice of the singer, intelligent lyrics, beautiful bass lines and a guitarist who knows how to orchestrate musically… You are going to hear more from these guys, that’s for sure: welcome to The New Nostalgia!”

The band is currently working on their debut album, which will be out early next year. In the nearer future, The New Nostalgia will be releasing an acoustic reworking of Fragile Bones, as well as a remix EP.

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