1. An Interview with Richard McNamara from EEVAH & Embrace Jammerzine Exclusive 26:21

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with EEVAH co-founder and Embrace guitarist, and all around brilliant musician and songwriter, Richard McNamara.

Recently having released EEVAH’s new track titled ‘Take Me To Bed’, with EEVAH cohort Nicole Hope Smith, Richard is not only ready to see the pandemic end, he has a plan!.

In this interview, we talk about EEVAH’s latest as well as the next steps for that project as well as Embrace and everything else plus the lovely bonus of getting the info on how he creates his sound and his tone.

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EEVAH are back with a brand new single ‘Take Me To Bed’ which is the first track to be taken from their forthcoming EP.

The pair are made up of vocalist Nicole Hope Smith and Embrace guitarist Richard McNamara. Coming from the north of England, and clocking in north of 160 bpm it’s an energetic, high speed chase into a guitar driven, dream pop world, for fans of The XX & Robyn.

Breaking out of the studio with 100 live streamed shows and a sold out lockdown live CD, as well as a range of merch that’d make Kiss blush, EEVAH return as the live scene slowly comes back to life. It’s like they were never away, because this time everyone knows the words and the party beckons!