1. An Interview with Saint Ripley Jammerzine Exclusive 27:34

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Chicago multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, and brand founder Saint Ripley.

Saint Ripley is an artist who knows not only what he wants to achieve musically but also has his music branded as most artists should. This is something I have been telling artists for years! If you want to make it a career in the music industry, you have to treat yourself as a brand. That is the ‘get you in the door’ solution. Just check out his store and you can see how it’s done.

But, that is the frosting on the cake whereas the cake is, of course the music. And that is where Saint Ripley really lets everything go and takes it to the next level. And he does all this with his heart and mind. And it shows.

Ans today we get to talk with Ripley about that brand and the music at its core as well as his upcoming plans and where he is creatively at this moment. This is a conversation and a how-to guide for people wanting to get into music creation.

On the actual songwriting process, Saint Ripley states:

‘When I write music i think to myself ‘what emotions does it invoke.’ and then I’ll freestyle. Hopefully get some good words out that might be relevant to the song. And once I’ve got an idea of where I want the song to go, I’ll write that idea at the top.’

About Saint Ripley

After coming off of 2019’s politically driven Thoughts & Prayers, I wanted to write something a little more uplifting – especially knowing 2020 was an election year (little did I know covid was around the corner). Thoughts & Prayers was super gritty, and I wanted my audience to understand I’m definitely a multi-dimensional artist, not stuck in any specific sound. So during the downtime around the holidays heading into 2020, I locked myself in the studio and just wrote some love songs.

‘Girls’ is what came out. However, “Reruns”, the lead track on the project was actually written in 2012 or 2013 and is one of my first songs. I decided to double back and re-release with 4 more never-before-heard songs (2 old, 2 new) because the response from my small fan base was so positive. I premiered the video for “The Drive” on my IG page, and it got up to 1k views in about 24 hours. We were also able to land a premier for Reruns on the Boom-Bap Nation IG page.