1. An Interview with The Rah's Jammerzine Exclusive 23:52

It’s always an interesting twist to catch a band in a musical transition. And to get an interview with them during said transition is an absolute lesson in evolution. That band, in this case, is The Rah’s, originally from Prestonpans, Scotland and now in the world.

This interview is also a splendid treat because I get to talk to the whole band. So I get some very distinct answers from a group of individuals that make up a very creative unit.

Stay tuned for some great things from The Rah’s in the near future!

Check out our review of one of their earlier tracks called ‘Sweet Talker‘ and their last video (as of this writing) titled ‘Take It All In’ below.

About The Rah’s
With two previously released EP’s under their belt (Give Me Life 2012) & Living The Dream 2013 and support slots with The Fratelli’s, The View, Chris Helme (Seahorses) & Steve Diggle (The Buzzcocks) the band have been working closely with Roni Szpakowski to produce the perfectly crafted ‘Sweet Talker’ which was released on October 24, 2017 and have additional material ready to be unleashed later this year.

The band was selected by FACEBOOK to do a FACEBOOK LIVE show on February 24th, comprising of an interview and acoustic set that included performing the new single ‘SWEET TALKER’, thus far the session has received over 70k views.

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