1. An Interview with Van Chamberlain Jammerzine Exclusive 35:49

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Van Chamberlain. With their new album titled ‘In The Sun’ dropping today, we get a behind the scenes glimpse at the minds behind the magic behind the music.

And today we talk with Van about this new album as well as how everything VC came to be and the recording process of this first full length album during COVID. Check out the new album below.

Recorded during the lockdown and released via Very Jazzed, ‘Into The Sun’ is a uniquely retro style of sound with hints of post-modern and smooth #indie rock. What I hear, that is totally signature, is the harmonic mix of the beautiful vocal mix and chord progressions via guitar. This gives such a blend of energy and inertia that one can’t help but crack a smile when listening. Think the vintage sound of 70’s AM radio hits with the fuel of MTV’s ‘120 Minutes’.

that sound doesn’t so much as define Van Chamberlain as much as Van Chamberlain defines that sound. This is music at the beginning of a long career from a group of artists that have found their sound.

About Van Chamberlain

Van Chamberlain are a Brooklyn-based indie rock band. Having grown up making music together on a shared wavelength, brothers Van & Jacob began playing under the name Van Chamberlain in 2019. They make music that combines dream pop and jangle, with a slight 90’s alternative influence showing through. They’ve each played and toured the world in bands including Phantom Buffalo (Rough Trade Records, Time Lag) and Eternal Drag (members of The Dodos). In 2019 they found themselves reunited in Brooklyn, and immediately began crafting their new record, In the Sun.

The band released their first studio-demo, “LY,” in 2020, right on the cusp of the global pandemic. Having to cancel their live debut, they instead turned to the recording studio. Their first LP, In the Sun, was finished in 2021. By the end of that year Van Chamberlain signed with Very Jazzed with a release scheduled for April 8, 2022.

In the Sun is an album about layers, both sonically and philosophically. Driven by textures of guitars, lush reverb, and grounded by infectious percussion, In the Sun offers sonic choices that feel new and undiscovered every time you put the record on. While Van’s laid-back vocal style offers the disposition of a sunny day with little to do, his lyrics draw from personal experiences of loss and subsequent growth. Their layered sonic approach reaffirms the band’s philosophical message: that what’s past is prologue, and the future holds promise, but neither will count unless you make peace with the present.