1. An Interview with Victory Season Jammerzine Exclusive 52:33

Being a band can be a tough thing. You have to get along. I’ve been there. If you can’t agree or act like a coherent team, then it all falls apart. It also shows when that band is a tight group of musicians who, not only get along in person but get ahead in music. A band is kind of like a family. There are good times and bad times, all of which can be reflected in the music if the people in the band can reflect and learn.

That band is most definitely Victory Seasons. Led by former Texas Hippie Coalition guitarist Randy Cooper, the circle is now complete with Aaron “ASH” Starr (Vocals
), Duane Connaughton (Bass), and Tor Connaughton (Drums). Combining the influences of each member, and those influences are wide and varied, Victory Seasons give a new sound and voice to the Southern Rock / Metal hybrid with an intricate twist of originality and creativity.

Today I get to talk with the whole band (another pleasant rarity) about their humble beginnings (a true lesson in how some people are meant to be together), their upcoming music, and where they are headed.

Remember the name, Victory Seasons, because this is music to listen to and not just hear…………LOUD!

About Victory Season
Randy “The Arsonist” Cooper is back. The former founding member of Texas Hippie Coalition returns to red dirt metal with a southern hybrid mix of Motley Crue meets Pantera. Victory Season’s bone-breaking father/son, bass & drums section are a force to be reckoned with, lighting the way for our warriors to be victorious. Ash’s melodic and demonic vocals are often said to mimic some of the greatest vocalists in music.

D.Conn, invited Gary Jefferies to RefraZe Studios to check out what we had going on. That’s when the magic happened. After we wrapped up, we took this picture. From left to right, Randy Cooper, Ron Pease, Ash Starr D. Conn, Tim Root, T. Conn, and Gary Jefferies.

Victory Season is:

Randy Cooper – Guitars
Aaron “ASH” Starr – Vocals
Duane Connaughton – Bass
& Tor Connaughton – Drums