1. Free Time Harry Vato & Whitney Tai 2:50
  2. An Interview with Whitney Tai Jammerzine Exclusive 29:09

Whitney Tai and Harry Vato have today premiered their new single titled ‘Free Time’, mixed by #1 Billboard Producer Tim Janssens, which drops tomorrow. And, to get some of the background story of ‘Free Time’ and the music of both artists, and a little more, we have an exclusive interview with Whitney Tai herself.

Both Whitney and Harry are creative giants in music with a varied list of music and collaborations. Just scroll down and get a glimpse of their resumes. They also, in my opinion, both share that rare talent of genre hopping while still sounding genuine to their craft and original in their styles.

‘Free Time’ is one of those songs that captivates you from the start. It is definitely a track that injects it’s groove into your mind and takes you for a ride. Built on the rhythm and enhanced by the groove, ‘Free Time’ gives Whitney’s stellar voice a playground to stretch and expand in such a way that it becomes part of the signature. I dare you to listen. It will change your mood for the day.

And we get a peak behind the scenes of that creativity and originality with this exclusive interview with Whitney. For all of you artists out there just starting out and in need of a little direction, you must listen to this. We get to know Whitney not only as an artist, but as a person. And it takes a certain kind of person to make it on their own terms in the music industry. Someone who knows where they want to take it and how to make an impression. And Whitney is the perfect example of that. To me, her hidden talent is her networking skills. They collaborate perfectly in concert with her talents as an artist. And this is partly why her catalog is so diverse. And, by doing things that way, she gains the respect of people in that industry that wouldn’t normally be mentioned in the same circles.

Consider this a good conversation with a good teacher. School is in session.

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About Whitney Tai, Harry Vato, & ‘Free Time’

Named by Music Connection Magazine as one of the top bands, Whitney Tai’s signature sound of electro-pop, rock, and alternative metal is powered by her nuanced, soaring vocals. Tai recently headlined at the world’s leading music convention, NAMM in December of 2020 & released her award-winning sophomore album, ‘Apogee’ that June. It was produced, engineered, & mixed by Tim Janssens (Nelly Furtado, Ne-Yo, Flo Rida).

Tai has recently performed and cowritten music with Chuck Wright of multi-platinum rock band, Quiet Riot, for the release of his solo debut album on Cleopatra Records coming in spring of 2022. Her Art Pop sound is compared to the likes of artists such as Annie Lennox, Kate Bush and Amy Lee, however, Legendary Boston programmer, DJ Oedipus says that Tai is “an artist who defies categorization.

Harry Vato is a Canadian drummer, songwriter, musician, producer offering an eclectic pop mix of musical styles. With a plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds, the Montreal native was introduced to a wide musical spectrum at such a young age, making his love for music and diversity key for the future of creativity.

“When I was growing up, I was fortunate enough to have my parents allow me to play the drums in the house. It’s not like playing the flute or violin, the whole house would vibrate and my neighbors would call the police as I was disturbing the peace”. Currently playing drums and founding member of the progressive metal band Non Human Era who have performed at festivals such as Rocklahoma and Heavy MTL.

“Free Time” is a sensuous, bass thumping, feel good anthem that outlines the struggles of love and fun especially when other people or other versions of yourself are too caught up by work, drama and professional things that don’t allow one to find true joy in the moment.

The most valuable things we can give anyone or ourselves is a space to listen, a heart to feel free with… and our time. Brought on board is phenomenal viral illustrative artist, Jenifer Prince who has designed the single cover art. With Prince’s retro drawing aesthetic, the duos vision for a cosmic pinup girl gazing intently at a frozen watch in outer space is perhaps a darker metaphor of how we miss out on having fun and making the most of crucial moments in our lives.