Winachi are set to release their upcoming EP titled ‘Heaven In Hell.A (Remix E.P)’ this Friday (December 16th). While some of you may have read our take on the lead single, none of you can guess the harsh extremes we go in each of these remixes. Think alternate universes contributing by distributing the track through a portal. These seem to be from different artists all together. Yet we hear the Winachi.

What we also hear is redefinition. Each song filtered through the creativity of others with different perspectives. The diversity is enlightening. Each version standing on it’s own. This is pure music through collaborative efforts.

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About Winachi

Swaggering northern tenacity spliced with smooth Californian G Funk soul is what makes up the foundation of groove machine WINACHI. Since they gravitated towards one another in 2015, the diverse musical background of each band member has helped push WINACHI’s sound into something bone meltingly, ass shakingly unique.

While WINACHI’s songs cover all the usual topics: heartbreak, pain, mental health, drugs, sex and politics – love & positivity is always the outcome. The WINACHI guarantee is that you’ll leave their live show, take off your headphones or switch off the Soundsystem and find the world a little brighter. Their commitment to joy is radical and you can hear that alongside elements of Funk, Hip Hop, Soul, House, Rock and Psychedelia within their music. WINACHI have toured worldwide with The Charlatans, Happy Mondays, The Sugarhill Gang & The Furious Five and have enjoyed worldwide airplay and press in publications such as L.A Times, L.A Record, Manchester Evening News, KCRW, Billboard China, BBC 6 Music to name a few.

(Chilli B, Pussyfoot Records)