1. An Interview with Yuni Wa Jammerzine Exclusive 1:03:00

This week, Jammerzine scored an exclusive interview with multi-talented musician Yuni Wa, one of the newest and most unique lo-fi, hip-hop artists in the industry. 

Being young and new to the industry, Yuni Wa has definitely made his mark on the lo-fi community: he’s released around sixty projects so far, with more already in the works. In addition to discussing the concept behind his new single ‘Computer’, Yuni Wa also mentions his humble beginnings, musical inspirations, and social issues — as well as the real meaning behind his name. 

In this exclusive interview, Yuni Wa also gives us a sense of what making music means to him and the message he aims to communicate through his one-of-a-kind sound. 

Computer by Yuni Wa

About Yuni Wa

Born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Yuni Wa is a record producer, mixer, and songwriter, currently signed with Divinity Sound. Yuni Wa is most known for his 2015 albums ‘Ethereal Lover’ and ‘Yuniversity’. Some would classify his sound as low-fi, electronic house music; however, Yuni Wa’s sound transcends a singular genre and instead encompasses many of them all at once. To start off the year, Yuni Wa released a new single titled, ‘Computer’ on all major streaming platforms and plans to release more projects in the coming months.

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All of his music can be found on Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Apple Music. 

Yuniversity 2 by Yuni Wa