1. An Exclusive Interview with Michael Ciravolo & Whitney Tai Jammerzine Exclusive 1:08:07

Jammerzine today premieres the brand new video by Michael Ciravolo’s mega/collab/co-op/project Beauty In Chaos and delves deeper down the chaotic rabbit hole in an exclusive interview with Michael and singer/songwriter Whitney Tai.

In this interview we get the latest from the BIC camp with both Michael and ‘Orion’ vocalist Whitney Tai about all things ‘Orion’, from conception to release and where this is headed this fall into early next year.

But what is really cool is the BIC team graciously collaborated with Jammerzine to make a more enhanced interview coming soon utilizing those new fangled HD cameras everyone’s been talking about (preview below). So all of you who thought this interwebs thing was a fad; recognize.

‘Orion’ the single will be available on release day via Bandcamp, followed by most streaming platforms.

‘Orion’ will be included on the next Beauty In Chaos album; ‘Behind The Veil’, slated for a February 2022 release with 33.3 Music Collective. According to Ciravolo, the album will feature all female vocalists.

Get your copy of ‘Orion’ HERE.

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I have been saying this in previous Beauty In Chaos articles on this site and now I feel I can say this milestone is official: Beauty In Chaos is a different band. Musically. Stylistically. Even generally.

Lets start off musically. Do we see a more laid back BIC here? Adding Whitney to the fold is as much a move forward as it is moving further outside of the box. She has a charisma that is all her own and ‘Orion’ provides that ‘stellar stage’ and lets her presence reign.

There is also a more introverted musical style about ‘Orion’ that has been slowly inserting itself into BIC since ‘The Storm Before The Calm‘, and now seems fully infused and integrated. A slight orchestral shift as well, if you will, with a subtle soundscape with synth strings lightly caressing the rhythm section and linking to those wonderfully varied guitar parts combining everything into a sonic soup of brilliance.

Visually, the video follows pace with the music in a vivid cinematic way. When watching this, think to yourself where this could fit into the mainstream. Not in the sense that it IS what it is, but what it could be on that level. Give up? James Bond. Yes, an intro to a James Bond movie! Not that stupid one with the space shuttles, but any of the other, newer ones. What I mean by this is that it has that level of imagination and amount of originality that it could be its own thing. Just like a James Bind movie intro. You cut out the rest of the movie and you have a really original music video with a quite unique song with its own style. ‘Orion’ is a mini-film in that regard. A dream sequence rife with symbolism and consequence taking you along for that ride away from the beaten path of mainstream. Further outside of the box.

Video Credits

Whitney Tai – vocals
Michael Ciravolo – guitar
Tish Ciravolo – bass
Dirk Doucette – drums

Directed and produced by GABB Productions
Art direction by GABB Design
Makeup by Jessica Zweig
Filmed on location at Schecter Guitar Research and FD Studios Los Angeles
Props courtesy of Prop Heaven

Song Credits

Written by Whitney Tai, Michael Rozon, Michael Ciravolo

Whitney Tai: voice and words
Michael Ciravolo: guitars and textures
Michael Rozon: bass, synth, and drum programming
Dirk Doucette: live drums

Recorded, mixed and produced by Michael Rozon at SAINTinLA Studio
Mastered by Dale Becker for Becker Mastering, Los Angeles

A Preview of a Bigger Interview Ahead…

About ‘Orion’

“Orion” is the new video/single from Beauty In Chaos. This track and its accompanying otherworldly video feature the captivating Whitney Tai. BIC’s curator Michael Ciravolo says “Musically, Orion continues on the path set by “Stranger”, the final track on ‘The Storm Before The Calm’. Whitney’s lyrics and soaring voice were a perfect match for this track and sets the tone beautifully for our next record!”

Tai adds “When Beauty In Chaos reached out to me with the opportunity to co-write on a song for their upcoming album, I was immediately hypnotized by the glacial, meandering and crystalline use of guitars against this haunting and dark verbed-out atmosphere. My mind went down the rabbit hole of the past two years that our globe has faced. “Orion” is the ego of destruction. It’s about breaking free from the manipulators mind and severing the ties of deception. A story of an a-type personality, “the hunter”, and how the roles narcissism and exploitation torment the fears and strengths of the human psyche”.

As for this new video, Ciravolo says “We try to make each of our videos different from the others, while being true to the singer and the lyrics. “Orion” is like nothing we have done before; it has a very cinematic ‘big-screen’ look to it… and was really a lot of fun to make!”

Featured image by Tim Janssens.