1. All That She Wants Madame Z 3:30

From the depths of oppressive cultures, through the underbellies of urbanized landscapes, and enduring the experimental madness of corporatized healthcare, Madame Z has pushed through and pulled herself out of treacherous environments that would break the average human.

Not saying she’s a modern day Wonder Woman, in fact, Z is as human as they come. Adventurer, scholar, mother, multi-faceted creative, Madame Z has a work ethic that is unmatched by her peers. This go-getter attitude obviously pours over into her musical endeavors.

Throughout her tumultuous past, music, theater, and art were always pillars of her human experience; even when life pulled her further away than she desired. When she began expressing her musical side online as a way to connect and collaborate with other musicians…while on the go during her day to day life…things began falling into place quite organically.

Without any plans to release music or ever become a recording artist, Z simply loves the process of writing and singing. The more she shared her music online the more requests she began receiving to sing on others’ songs. She also began connecting with musicians who started enthusiastically composing instrumentation around her acapella recordings.

Several months into sharing online, anxiously waiting for musicians to send back instrumentation, and slowly watching songs come to completion, the idea of releasing music commercially began appearing as a more practical and realistic option. Soon Z signed a deal with Sacramento based Unlimited Sounds as a songwriter, producer and recording artist (under her own imprint JAT Productions).

With several single releases to test the waters (Snuggly Wuggly, Walk In My Fire, Entice Me, Black Velvet), Madame Z released her debut full length album, Down The Rabbit Hole, on June 26. 2020. Down The Rabbit Hole was and engineered by The M Project and Steve Keith of Baselines Design and features work from Mauro S and Riot Craig. It embraces the eclectic and diverse personality that is Z as she shares her journey over soundscapes ranging from blues rock to soulful R&B to Pop and EDM.

Post-album release, Z continues creating with a growing community of music makers while remaining engaged with fans via social media. In a pre-COVID world, Z was scheduled to perform at a series of live events and music festivals. As soon as things open back up, Z will be returning to the stage as soon as safely possible! You better believe it!

SOURCE: Official Bio