1. An Interview With Downfall 2012 Jammerzine Exclusive 11:25

It takes sheer persistence to make a name for yourself in the music industry. Just ask the long lines of artists who are doing that right now. One of those set of artists really stick out in my mind at this moment. Downfall 2012 have a long history, and no one speaks so eloquently about that history and how to strive and thrive from it than Danny Gil, front-man of Downfall 2012.

In this interview we learn about Downfall 2012’s upcoming album ‘We Welcome The Pain’, and find out about the long and varied history and how, when done with persistence, history can only make us stronger.

Downfall 2012 will be releasing their new album “We Welcome The Pain” and will be available on all digital platforms worldwide (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Applemusic, etc.) and on CD. The official release is set for November 8, 2017.

About Downfall 2012
Downfall 2012 is a 3-piece alternative metal/active rock band from Houston, TX. This trio of vocalists/musicians/percussionists has built a sound and stage show that leaves each city it ventures to with a lasting impression of just how diverse a rock concert can be.

“We Welcome The Pain”, is a compilation of eleven ferocious tracks Downfall 2012 wrote in a week of being secluded in their studio at the end of 2016. It was produced and recorded by Jim Finley, who traveled to the same studio to capture the songs over the course of six consecutive sixteen-hour recording sessions in early 2017. Now, just shy of a year after the first writing session, “We Welcome The Pain” is here.

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Conceptually, the album provides a visceral take on social, political, technological, and religious behaviors of today, focusing on how we, as a society, bring pain upon ourselves, perhaps masochistically, through social media, entertainment, and beyond. The record further relates to this theme via the very manner in which it was written and recorded: with the band being locked in seclusion together, creating, at a feverish pace. In addition to all of this, the record title serves as an allegory of the music industry itself, a brutal, cut-throat, and often painful business, for which artists and fans bleed.

Approaching their 11th year together, and after years of relentless touring, writing, recording, and balancing life’s every day (and not so everyday) challenges, Danny Gil, Boo Rogers, and Casey Bowen show no sign of slowing down or giving up. On the contrary, by shedding pieces of themselves into each of these tracks in an unapologetic testament to the power of unconstrained creation, they are sharing their best work to date.

“The road, the industry, the lifestyle is brutal… but… guess what…We Welcome The Pain”