Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie for the week of October 7th, 2019 includes exclusive interviews with David J, Trentemøller, and Martin Metcalfe as well as premieres from A Permanent Shadow, Callow Youth, Firewoodisland, Gaunt Story, Sløtface, and Ummagma.

About David J

With the release date of his upcoming album ‘Missive To An Angel From The Halls Of Infamy And Allure’ right around the corner (October 18th, 2019) and his upcoming shows with his original band BauhausDavid J is a man who obviously has his plate full. And that plate has been full for a while now. With cofounding credits to both Bauhaus and Love and Rockets, among other things, David has a more than ample solo career spanning three decades and fourteen albums (including singles compilations) and the soon-to-be fifteenth aforementioned ‘Missive’ album.

In today’s Jammerzine Exclusive interview, we get to talk with David about the new album as well as his frequent collaborations and his signature musical style. We also get a glimpse as to where he is taking his solo career (you will be surprised!) and other things you do not want to miss.

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About Trentemøller

Danish indie/electronic music Trentemøller may be one of the most diverse people in the music industry.  With a career spanning over two decades and literally hundreds of credits cross-hopping between albums of many different genres as well as scoring and production work, to say hee is established at this point would be an understatement.

And now we get the next evolution of his revolution in the form of his new album titled ‘Obverse’, which drops today (September 27, 2019). Featuring guest spots by such as Rachel GoswellLina TullgrinLisbet Fritze, and Jennylee, ‘Obverse’ is an electronic dreamscape in which each track has its own signature stamp within the collection yet everything seems to fall into place further cementing Trentemøller’s place as a music legend.

And today we get to speak with that legend and get his incite on the music industry as a whole as well as ‘Obverse’ and the magic contained within.


About Martin Metcalfe

Goodbye Mr MacKenzie achieved notoriety in what I call that magical time in underground music. Before grunge when alternative wasn’t the mainstream and MTV told us exactly how many minutes we were allowed to watch that post-modern independent chic in the form of 120 Minutes.

Through it all Goodbye Mr MacKenzie frontman Martin Metcalfe has seen those stylistic changes in music and has both kept his creative integrity as well as evolved to the beat of his own drum. And while those styles continue to change, Martin continues to reinvent himself with both solo work as well as The Filthy Tongues, among other things.

In this interview, we talk with Martin about his beginnings in Scotland and the rise of Goodbye Mr MacKenzie as well as the release of their inceptual album ‘Good Deeds and Dirty Rags’ and reunion shows and much, much more.

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About A Permanent Shadow

This pretty much sums up Songs of Loss, the debut album by A Permanent Shadow, out as of September 20th, 2019. The ten songs on the album take us on a musical journey through the life of its creator. Lyrically the record portrays the lives of personalities that have inspired the author, some of them very close, some of the family, others fictitious. Happy-go-lucky it isn’t, though there are glimpses of hope, such as in the “carpe diem song” Now, the album’s third single after Empty and Fool, released on October 25th, 2019.


About Callow Youth

Callow Youth dropped their new single titled ‘Red Leather’ along with a stellar remix courtesy of Dave Pemberton. To me, this is a continuation of that remarkable sound that is Callow Youth, with a vivid post-punk alt-rock vibe with catchy choruses that seamlessly blend between raunchy hooks. What we also get is a vividly different take on the song via Mr. Pemberton that give me fond memories in the style of vintage Jesus Jones and even Ned’s Atomic Dustbin but all Callow in nature and execution showing that the band has a vivid penchant for incorporating what they love while retaining who they are. That is the sign of a band that makes lasting music.

Check out our feature on Callow Youth’s previous single titled ‘Did It Really Matter’ on our tv show The Week in #Indie HERE.


About Firewoodisland

Firewoodisland have seen support from the likes of Atwood Magazine, Earmilk, The 405, Q Magazine, Clash Mag, and Noctis Mag, as well as radio support from BBC Radio 6’s Radcliffe & Maconie and Tom Robinson, BBC Radio’s Introducing In The West, BBC Radio Devon’s The Sunday Request Show, Introducing Music From Stoke and Norway’s NRK P3. Their track ‘Storm’ was added to Spotify’s Most Beautiful Songs in the World playlist, Lush and Atmospheric, and Lost in the Woods playlist, and has racked up over half a million Spotify plays since March, shooting their total plays up to over 5.3 million, and seeing ‘One With The Mountain’ added to Norway’s New Music Fridays playlist. They boast features on popular Youtube channels such as Wave of Good Noise, Alex Rain Bird Music, La Belle Musique, Indie Folk Central, and BalconyTV.


About Gaunt Story

Gaunt Story, aka Rob Ashworth, has a unique sound which is evident in his new single titled ‘Scattered Solace’. As the title suggests, this is a song hard to place into a genre. It’s definitely all indie, but there is much more going on. The guitars, to me, really stand out as there is a wonderful combination of acoustic strum and electric ‘noodling’ going on in a way I would have never guessed but perfectly fits. Rob’s vocals are another standout as he sings with an original blend of melancholy and experience.


About Sløtface

Sløtface has officially dropped their lyric video for the track titled ‘Sink or Swim’. Addressing the very real issue of climate change in such a way puts a face on the issue that needs to be recognized. Music is the perfect way to do that because it puts the issue in the subconscious in a way that only music can do. Sløtface does this in a way that is filled with class and lacking in self-promotion with a lush song filling out the meaningful lyrics amid disturbing visuals of the toll we’ve given our home planet and have yet to pay ourselves, making this video a wake-up call.


About Ummagma

Ummagma gives a perfect example of visual beauty combined with audio tranquility with their new video for the track titled ‘High Day’ Ummagma have that brilliant combination of pop sensibility with songwriting ingenuity and, with that combination, make a brilliant and diverse album in the form of their first album in seven years titled ‘Compass’.

‘High Day’ gives that emotional yet brief score that is designed to encapsulate that perfect moment as if it already happened with a rich harmonic vocal over a gorgeous soundtrack.

As of July 26, ‘Compass’ is on CD, on vinyl or digitally via Bandcamp. In the UK, Leonard Skully Records on vinyl, which will also be carried by Norman Records. It went live via iTunesAmazonand Spotify as of August 1.


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