When life throws lemons at you, make lemon juice, right? Easier said than done for some than for others. The thing is that life has thrown so many lemons at some of us that it has drained all our self-confidence, and we prefer to give ourselves over to someone else hoping he or she will make all the right decisions for us. Unfortunately, this never really works out.

The fourth single off A Permanent Shadow’s debut album “Songs of Loss” deals with being trapped in a body and mind that you actually don’t like very much, but you’re unable to make a change. Oppressive parents, selfish boyfriends, evil mothers-in-law and drunk husbands have stripped the song’s protagonist off all self-confidence, and what is left is an empty shell of a person, the perfect pushover that others can use to appease their poor little minds and inflate their ego. No doubt about it, our protagonist needs a Radical Change, but the paralyzing fear of the unknown prevents her from stepping out of a rather painful comfort zone.

Musically, the song is carried by a willfully out-of-tune synthesizer motive that indicates that all is not well, while the song explodes into a fervent disco outro after the last chorus. The single version is an edit of the album’s original piece which is more than eight minutes long. As with previous singles, Radical Change (Single Edit) is accompanied by a stunning music video directed by Dani Moreno and starring Eva Aris. This represents the fourth collaboration between the Spanish movie director and A Permanent Shadow.

“Songs of Loss” was recorded in the summer of 2018 in Barcelona and released on September 20th, 2019. The album has garnered rave reviews and its singles have enjoyed healthy airplay all over Europe and the USA, notably in Germany and the UK. A Permanent Shadow’s cover of Simple Minds’ 1991 hit “See The Light” was praised by Jim Kerr himself on the band’s social media, while the album’s second cover, “Sword of Damocles” by the late Lou Reed, has received a special mention in most reviews due to its innovative approach.

A Permanent Shadow will play their first live show on March 6that Barcelona’s Razzmatazz venue. The band’s mastermind CP Fletcher, as well as main collaborators Albert Català and Valen Nieto, are all Barcelona residents. The single edit of Radical Change is out as of January 31st as a digital download.

SOURCE: Official Bio