Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie for the week of November 4th, 2019 includes exclusive interviews with dUg Pinnick, Fly My Pretties’ Barnaby Weir, and Danny Chavis from The Veldt. Also featured are premieres from Lunar Twin, North America, Owen Denvir, RISE, The Summercamp, and Too Many T’s.

About dUg Pinnick

Rare is it when I get to talk with someone of such knowledge and depth. Rarer still is when that learned musical scholar is also one cool and down-to-earth guy. That guy is dUg Pinnick. dUg is a virtual one-man walking history of music. Having honed his style and tone in the ’70s and solidified his place in music in the ’80s with King’s X, dUg played it all, done it all, heard it all, and been it all. And now we get the honor of hearing some of those stories and much more from the badass of bass in this exclusive interview.

In this interview, we get the latest news on King’s X’s new album and tour (dates below), the dirt on his other bands including KXM with George Lynch and Ray Luzier as well as his reflections on his just-completed Jimi Hendrix tribute tour with Joe Satriani and even a much-needed health update on King’s X bandmate Jerry Gaskill and so much more! Consider this interview a lesson in musicianship and a guide to living free.


About Fly My Pretties

When I first found out about New Zealand’s Fly My Pretties, I was astonished at how much of a collaborative effort it is while being as smooth running as it is. Their new album, and first studio album titled ‘The Studio Recordings Part One’ is an audio dynamite stick filled with the diversity that only a well crafted and tightly knit family of artists who know how to work together and work off the feeling of each other. And it shows (embed playlist below).

And in this interview, we get to talk with the brainchild of this effort, Barnaby Weir. In the interview, we get to know the roots of this family tree as well as the creative process that comes with each effort that Fly My Pretties undertakes plus much, much more.


About Lunar Twin

Lunar Twin returns with a sonically dreamy and melodic turn for the evolution of their careers with their new single and video titled ‘Leaves’. The track is one of those that creeps up to you in a good way and lends that tender surrender of the ears and mind and gives that beautiful turn for the serene with soulful vocals and a quietly ascending cinematic progression with a steady yet poignant backbeat. Think U2 as a more electronic band with an original twist and emotional delivery that only Lunar Twin can deliver.


About North America

East London quintet North America releases new single ‘Leave Us To Fate’. A rolling ballad encompassed in ethereal guitar work, the song is a bittersweet reflection on love’s subjugation to fate.

Frontman P.F. Phillip says, “Leave Us To Fate is a bittersweet goodbye to love now lost, a reminiscence of a romance that inevitably could not be.” Torn apart by separation, the protagonist encourages himself and his former lover to live and carry on, while admitting to a hopeless desire that they meet again in an unknown future.

Written, recorded, produced and released by the band themselves, ‘Leave Us To Fate’ is a cathartic release of emotion that encapsulates the band’s lyrical poeticism and sense of indie grandeur.

North America is a London based 5-piece creating viscerally energetic and introspective indie-rock that embodies the anthemic quality of their songwriting. Hailing from São Paulo and California, frontman P.F. Phillip met guitarists Gabe Coulter, Jack Rennie, bassist Sandro Giacometti, and drummer Sam Roberts at the world-famous Metropolis Studios before forming North America in 2017 over a refined appreciation of trashy American comedies and questionable pizza joints.


About Owen Denvir

Owen Denvir dropped his new EP titled ‘Sticks’ on November 1st, 2019. With the panache of a showman and the creativity of a troubadour, Owen gives a varied and stylistic set of tracks that truly lay credence to his body of work and showcase his talents as a singer. And Owen really has the voice for this body of work. His range is perfect for what he is utilizing it for but that weathered emotion within is what is the most captivating. Layer that amongst the solemnly orchestrated music and you have that true magic bottled by an artist.


About RISE

RISE delivers a score for her beautiful voice in the form of her new single and video titled ‘Temples’.  The meaning of this video is striking in its execution, having been filmed in and around select abandoned properties on the West of Ireland. Shot with grainy and subdued aesthetics that perfectly flow with the music in a very cinematic way, ‘Temples’ encapsulates that silent drama within us all that constantly blur the borders between complicity and compliance and that struggle that helps, or hurts us in finding that medium.

RISE is a musician that knows how to write and perform what she feels and isn’t afraid to face those demons that stifle us all when confrontation results. Simply beautiful.


About The Summercamp

The Summercamp drop their new video and track in the form of their new song titled ‘Pull’, and we have this premiere right here! These party-pirates from Pittsburgh have what a lot of artists in the mainstream lack these days; personality. Built on the base of a smooth groove and super-sounds-of-the-seventies style bass groove in what must be either a Precision or Jazz (musician-speak there), The Summercamp delivers said personality within the lines of the lyrics and throughout the video. This, to me, is the perfect example of a ‘jam band’. I say this because that groove is indicative of such. These guys bring the party and the video shows that with its creativity and originality.

And for those thinking that groove is consistent through the track, wait until the 3-minute mark when the song and video take a dramatically dark turn and get downright dirty. You will love it!


About The Veldt

The Veldt is a band that has earned more than their reputation as shoe-gaze and alt-rock legends and pioneers. And now that is more evident in their new tour with guests including Seefeel, Your 33 Black Angels-Micah Gaugh-Honeychild Coleman & Haunted Horses among others (dates below).

And, in this interview, I get to talk with Danny Chavis. Along with his twin brother Daniel (vocals, guitar), and Hayato Nakao (bass), Marvin Levi (drums) and Alex Cox (guitar), are continuing to expose the masses with some of their new music (check out ‘Thanks to the Moth and Areanna Rose’ HERE) with a special glimpse of what to expect via the Raliegh, NC based show ‘Oak City Session’ below.


About Too Many T’s

Too Many T’s does it again with a catch-all-be-all true-to-form-wonder-of-words with their new video and single titled ‘Everyday People’ featuring french mega-mind ProleteR. To me, Too Many T’s is a perfect example of those artists who keep hip-hop pure and relevant in today’s world of increasing white noise. They are musical purists in the truest sense of the term. And they find like minds to consistently work with. In the ever-shrinking bubble of originality look no further than this dynamic duo to deliver us from evil.

‘Everyday People’ combines old school beats with older school horns and lifts them out of history with relevance that only comes from those who understand the relevance. I have officially met the artists in who, the old ways have joined then new.


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