1. An Interview with Crooked Ghost Jammerzine Exclusive 34:59

Ray Clark is a musician that knows what he wants and is constantly learning and executing the steps on how to achieve as such. And, what he wants now, is for the world to listen to his band Crooked Ghost. Their latest EP titled ‘Colors Bleed‘ is a solid set of original material that really lets the creativity and diversity of Crooked Ghost shine.

Today we get to talk with Ray, frontman for Crooked Ghost, about their beginnings in North Carolina and their new music as well as his new side project with Alex Cannon titled ‘Blank Iris‘, which Ray describes as the ‘soundtrack to a breakdown’.

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About Crooked Ghost

‘Colors Bleed’ is the third release from Asheville, North Carolina-based collective, following on the heels of their ‘Skeleton House’ album, released in February 2019 on limited edition 12″ colored vinyl. These four new songs see the Ghosts moving in a more colorful direction. The songs are bigger and brighter than those before, with dreamy melodies, and some of Crooked Ghost’s most honest lyrics to date.

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This EP was recorded in Black Mountain, NC by longtime friend and producer Edward Madill. The EP itself was inspired by mental illness and the struggles of growing up LGBTQ in a not-so-accepting world.

Formed in 2013 by Ray Lark, Crooked Ghost was initially a channel for leftover songs that didn’t seem to fit in any of the other bands he was involved in, but quickly became the focal point of Ray’s creative energy. Today Crooked Ghost is Ray Lark (guitar, vocals), Chris Saldin (bass), Alex Cannon (keyboard), Jon Wyatt (drums) and Charles Reed (guitar).

The band released their debut LP ‘Strange Burial Rituals’ in March 2017. With two distinct halves (the first is lighter, the second darker), the album plays out like a story, or rather, two opposite stories that are intertwined. Their most recent videos are for ‘Roadkill’ and ‘Sleepwalker’.