Exclusive interviews with Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records’ artist Fea and Crooked Ghost’s Ray Clark. Premieres from Aidan & the Wild, Beatific, Beauty in Chaos, Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew, Baja Frequencia, Greta Jaime, Johanna Kuvaja, The 1865, and The Black Watch.

About Fea

Fea is one of those bands who will get what they work for based on the caliber of their music. I can say this because it is evident all over the exclusive interview above. Formed by friends who developed into a family, Fea is one of those tight bands that are lockstep in sound and unified in ambition.

And, in this interview, we get the entire band! With the perspectives of all four, we get the story behind the band, their new album titled ‘No Novelties’, their upcoming video for ‘Girlband’ and, importantly, the methods and meaning behind the music. Fea shows they are not only a band that will last but will thrive.

Fea’s latest album, ‘No Novelties’, is out now via Blackheart Records.


About Crooked Ghost

Ray Clark is a musician that knows what he wants and is constantly learning and executing the steps on how to achieve as such. And, what he wants now, is for the world to listen to his band Crooked Ghost. Their latest EP titled ‘Colors Bleed‘ is a solid set of original material that really lets the creativity and diversity of Crooked Ghost shine.

Today we get to talk with Ray, frontman for Crooked Ghost, about their beginnings in North Carolina and their new music as well as his new side project with Alex Cannon titled ‘Blank Iris‘, which Ray describes as the ‘soundtrack to a breakdown’.

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About Beauty in Chaos

Beauty in Chaos has officially dropped the first video, titled ‘The Delicate Balance of All Things’, from their upcoming album ‘The Storm Before the Calm’. The song is a definitive evolution of the project’s previous album and remixes, with a darker tone and a subdued penchant for the musically macabre with hints of retro goth. You can also definitely see how the working relationship with Michael Ciravolo and Michael Rozon has evolved as they are branching out with their individual creativeness and finding that common ground where genius lurks and originality thrives.

To me, the video is the next step for the project as it involves familiar faces taking things into new directions with a video that is darker in tone, to match the track, and a brilliant mix of storyline scenes cut with performance shots beautifully breaking the fourth wall. In a way, this is what Beauty in Chaos is to me; that subtle balance between fantasy and reality, because this is where dreams become the motivation in us all.

‘The Storm Before The Calm’ album will be released on February 21, 2020, via 33.3 Music Collective. As with the two albums released to date, it will be available at the official BIC Store and Bandcamp.


About Beatific

Beatific finally drop their long-awaited EP titled ‘Sunshine’. We originally reviewed their single ‘She Loves Him’ and that was the moment the anticipation began. With the full EP ‘Sunshine’, we get a more complete picture of what Beatific is about and want to accomplish.

Those thick and blended harmonies of the lead single are expounded upon with the rest of the EP present. With added instrumentation such as a serenely played acoustic guitar riff in ‘Perpetual Contemplation of an Infinite Glory’ to the almost retro-esque synth wave of ‘Smile Dangerous’ finalized with an almost purely orchestral rendition of ‘Naftali (My Struggle)’ with a hint of an homage to M83, Beatific solidifies their style and puts forth their intention in the industry as an act that is not only here to stay, but here to play.


About Aidan & the Wild

Aidan & the Wild premiere their new video for the track titled ‘Pipedream’. At first listen one can usually tell if the music is performed by talented musicians, and ‘Pipedream’ certainly is. Aidan & the Wild is the brainchild of Diederik van den Brandt. And that first listen tells me that he is an amazing guitarist and a prominent songwriter. This song is simply gorgeous. And, while the video is simple, it is quite eloquent and fitting for the track at hand. With a crooning vocal over a tight and layered piece of music, Aidan & the Wild accomplish a quiet sonic bliss that stays in the mind long after that initial listen and captivates the heart for years to come.


About Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew, & Baja Frequencia

Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew, and Baja Frequencia drop the mega-collab in the form of their new single and video titled ‘The Drop’. I’ll start this by saying ‘Holy shit this punches you in the face from the start!’. And it really does! Like a force ghost hell-bent for revenge, ‘The Drop’ starts off strong with all those elements you love about each of these artists colliding like a crossfire of shotgun blasts and only goes up from there. This song is an ode to adrenaline.

What I take away with me after viewing the video is totally tongue-in-cheek, in a way. What I mean by that is I get the feeling that the video is trying to convey that we are all controlled by the environment around us and our emotions and perception are defined by what we experience or told to experience. The pool and the diving represents a choice. Do we jump and take the dive into independence and rationality knowing we may not survive the fall, or do we stay on the diving board and remain listless, suspended and non-moving. The choice is up to each and every one of us.

Chinese Man : https://CMR.lnk.to/ChineseMan
Scratch Bandits Crew : https://CMR.lnk.to/ScratchBanditsCrew
Baja Frequencia : https://CMR.lnk.to/BajaFrequencia

About Greta Jaime

Greta Jaime releases her new single titled ‘Internet Love’. I have to say that Greta’s voice is simply amazing. You can tell she has that special talent that all great vocalists have in that she finds the pitch and plays around it with sheer power and honest emotions. And, when you place her over a solid beat, bassy rhythm, and hook-filled chord progression, you have musical magic. ‘Internet Love’ is one of those catchy and memorable tracks that lingers with you and grows on you with a fondness only given to those things that are cherished.


About Johanna Kuvaja

Nordic vocalist Johanna Kuvaja has unveiled the colorful new video for her debut single ‘Shower’, an upbeat catchy single with a style sounding like the personified love child of Aqua, Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue.

Written by Kuvaja, the single was mixed and mastered by award-winning London-based producer Sefi Carmel, who has been mixing music of real icons such as David Bowie, Phil Collins, Bruno Mars, Michael Buble, Massive Attack and Birdy. The song itself was recorded in Helsinki, Finland at Saumaa Records by Mikael Forsby, who also provided instrumentation.

“This video symbolizes new beginnings. I had a colorful, messy life with many problems (deteriorating health, loss of my house, marriage, and job), but I am also a really colorful personality. The meaning of the video is that we have the power to recreate ourselves and to rewrite our story. Figuratively speaking, I took a shower, washed away my past and started fresh. I followed my heart and recreated my life and it all worked out,” says Johanna Kuvaja.


About The 1865

The 1865 release their new video for the track titled ‘John Brown’s Gat’. For those who do not know, John Brown was a man living in the 19th Century who believed that no one should be enslaved. He believed in this simple truth so much that he turned to the gun. And he paid for it with his life. So it is of special importance that The 1865 to shed light on such a figure, especially in today’s age of conflicting stories.

The track and video are simple and to-the-point. Which is how it should be. The truth is the same way. It cannot be denied. If you watch the impeachment hearings you can see this. The obstructors tend to speak more, and louder because the truth is hard to fight. John Brown would be a fan of The 1865 if he were alive today.

The album ‘Don’t Tread On We!’ is out now, available digitally via Apple MusicSpotify and directly from the band via Bandcamp, as well as numerous other online stores. It is also available on black and red vinyl in a vintage style jacket with a lyric/coloring book.


About The Black Watch

The Black Watch drops their new single titled ‘Crying All the Time’. The song starts off like a rocket hellbent for space with a chiming, bright, and tube-like guitar riff that sets the tone for business as the beat marches with steady velocity. This song does not mince words yet retains that style that only comes from The Black Watch. But I have to say again that this is a guitarist’s song as that is what sets the tone for me. Layers of that classic grit surrounding the lucid and subtly harmonic vocals announce the song to all those that are listening. This is a ‘stop what you’re doing and pay attention’ type of track.

As of November 22, ‘Crying All The Time’ is available across music stores and streaming platforms such as Spotify as well as Bandcamp. The full ‘Brilliant Failures’ album will be released on January 24.


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