In this episode of Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie we have an exclusive interview with Athena Hiotis from Prism Waves. Also new singles, videos, and albums from Billingsley, Ghost Woman, Monte, Rubber, Beauty In Chaos, Indii G., Otoboke Beaver, and Zack Fletcher.

About Prism Waves

Jammerzine has an interview with Athena Hiotis from Prism Waves. Prism Waves (formerly RÊVE), is a band that is becoming as influential as it is branded. And being branded is a good thing. A lot of new artists don’t realize this, but you are all brands. And Athena is an expert at this from multiple angles of the music business. She is also the head of the artist-centric boutique record label Pop Riot.

In this interview, we talk with Athena about being both the frontperson of a successful band killing it on the scene as well as head of a label, making the scene, as well as everything in between (including our mutual love for Sigourney Weaver and the Alien franchise!). This is an interview with a true talent and a conversation with a genuine person.


About Billingsley

Billingsley has released their new video for the track titled ‘Long Shot’. I have no other way to start this but to say that this is a fun song. Subtly anthemic, partly quirky, and totally engulfing, this song grows on you after you approve it. I could say it’s the hook. I could say it’s the style. It just is. And it stays with you after that first listen.

Billingsley sounds like a fun band. I hope this pandemic ends soon so we can see them live. I get the feeling their shows are a party. And we’re all invited.


About Ghost Woman

Ghost Woman has released his new video for the track titled ‘Clockwork’, from his upcoming eponymous LP releasing on July 1st via Full Time Hobby.

Set in an old 8mm home movie styling, we get a solid slow burn of 2:26 filled with retroblasting Eazy Ryder style road trip goodness. The song is the real star of the video, in my opinion. Drenched in it’s own style of true grit and guitar, there is no filler from a highway killer of a track trying to find a home before it realizes it doesn’t need one. Only that place in your head or your heart. Minimalism as an audio artform has now been perfected.


About Monte

Monte has released their new video for the single titled ‘I Hate Me More’. Thrash punk in all of it’s original glory from the heart to the masses with conformity getting the first f*ck you and a no-holds-barred with every lyric, Monte gets right to the point with music that should make a solid comeback, but until then, we have Monte holding that flag. Admit it, this is how we all feel but are too afraid to say anything.


About Rubber

Rubber has today released their new video for the single titled ‘Fries & Wings’. Filmed in a location filled with character and characters, we get a sense of unity via soul, funk, R&B, and heart. Philly has a new sound and it’s Rubber.

The #Indie scene is filled with both originality and unoriginal. Rubber places firmly in the former. Amassed with talent vocally, lyrically, and musically, ‘Fries & Wings’ is but a taster of what I want to expect from a dynamic duo of this caliber. Groove now has an anthem.


About Beauty In Chaos

Beauty In Chaos has released their new video titled ‘Afterlife’, featuring Tish Ciravolo and from their latest album ‘Behind the Veil’, out now via 33.3 Music Collective.

If ‘Orion‘ is the yin, then ‘Afterlife’ is the yang. We get the bookends of the creative spectrum from a music collective that is as diverse in scope as it is in spectrum. Beautifully shot and contrasted by the locations within the video, those act as the visual accompaniment with the musical and lyrical changes within the song.

That feeling of the last second realization of the meaning of life and personal value of existence along with the unknown of what is next is presented as a soft musical soliloquy to what is, what was, what could have been, and what’s next. Transcendental within the soundscape with hints of clarity in the delivery, ‘Afterlife’ is a love letter to life and a warning to those of use who fail to appreciate it.


About Indii G.

Indii G. has released his new EP titled ‘Riverhouse’, as well as the new video for the track ‘Soul’ via Epitaph Records.

Indii G. has been solidly establishing himself for a couple years now. With ‘Riverhouse’, he takes root in the music industry as someone who is clearly sticking around. This is the deep end of the pool, and he has no problem staying afloat. A brilliant mix of chillwave, hip hop, soul, and pop, ‘Riverhouse’ spans a gamut of sonically colorful landscapes and takes ownership of his digital destiny with bits of different genres underlying his true talent: himself.


About Otoboke Beaver

Otoboke Beaver has today released their new album titled ‘Super Champon’. Energetic Japanese genre-stitching originality with sheer adorable rebellion that has such a feeling of pure energy and synergy that you can’t help but instantly fall in love with this band as well as anything they release.

While I think the songs are too short, do they really need to be when you think about it? They are just long enough to become addict to them and short enough to leave you wishing they were longer. How the f*ck does an artist or band get in your head like that? To be able to instantly turn you into a fan? I know how. They get to your head through your heart.


About Zack Fletcher

It’s always impressive when a musician is able to match melody and landscape. Records influenced by geography have the power to transport us from our current context into a new world. And that’s precisely what Zack Fletcher’s newest album, Ohio Reveries, aims to do. With glittering arrangements and vulnerable lyrics, Fletcher brings the flora and fauna of Ohio to a wider audience.

Fletcher is no lightweight when it comes to crafting gorgeous guitar music. His 2020 instrumental guitar collection Vignettes and 2019 folk masterpiece Moths in the Attic received praise from numerous indie publications, calling his music “captivating,” “beautifully crafted,” and “pristinely executed.” Listeners will soon learn that those same descriptions apply to Fletcher’s newest collection as well.