Partisan triumphantly return to form, in a harder edge form at that, in the form of their new single titled ‘Turn Me On’. That’s a lot of form, to say the least. But, in this case, that’s a good thing. In this time around it’s with a heavier sound.

‘Turn Me On’ gets right to the point with a fierce stabbing thrust and colossal beat and rhythm whose tightness encapsulates the guitar and lifts the powerful vocals. I’m really digging this new, harder Partisan in their quest for #indie evolution which now seems to take their music into a clear direction with a new sound that old fans can get into and new fans can hold on to.

About ‘Turn Me On’
‘Turn Me On’ is ace, lazy reviewers look no further than an audio pie made of Queens of The Stone Age and Muse with a U2 cherry on top. “Give me something to die for to make it good to live!” Well OK, here it is: plug in and turn yourself on.

Partisan is a Manchester-based three-piece consisting of Stuart Armstrong on vocals and guitar, Dan Albon on bass and drummer Leo Stanfield. Participatory, punchy rock tunes have received previous accolades including ‘Best Unsigned Band’ from XFM – they are original, self-styled, gutsy and in rock n roll terms; for real.

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About Partisan
Partisan formed in Manchester, UK, early 2013. As the name implies they are passionate about their cause, which is to inject some authentic rock into the limelight, as serious contenders to pick up the music scene with punchy, bold and unflinching rock anthems!

The band’s members are Stuart Armstrong (lead vocals and guitar), Dan Albon (bass guitar) and Leo Stanfield (drums). Founding member Stuart Armstrong (lead vocals and guitar) left his previous band Six10Repeater, that disbanded in 2012 but returned to the scene with Partisan working on new material with his rock edge and progression from Six10.

They have achieved numerous accolades including being awarded as ‘Best Unsigned Band’ by XFM in 2009, two tracks, Hearts and Nails and Today Somehow featured Pro Evolution Soccer, supported prominent bands such as Nine Black Alps, Baby Shambles, Status Quo, and The Damned as well as being reviewed by influential peers within the industry, Mark Radcliffe, and BBC Introducing.

The band has recorded and released many rock anthems, including the very popular Two Lovers, Ashes, Today Somehow and Juggernaut in recent years. Now signed to GAS Music they are releasing Oxygen in 2018. They have had the pleasure of working with notable producers, Jim Spencer, Christophe – Oxygene Studios and Mike Bennett.

They have had an exciting year, playing gigs and festivals such as The British Sound Project, Victoria Warehouse, and Sonder Fest. They have plans for further gigs and hoping to return to the US next year, after a fantastic response when they played Pianos in New York and Whisky a Gogo in Los Angeles in late 2016.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Cool name and band!” Kirk Brandon
– Theatre of Hate and Spear of Destiny

Partisan reminds me of what I first heard in music: melody, energy, and
excitement. If U2 were to return with a record of this ilk, it would be a welcome return.
– GAS Music, Creative Director, Gary Hilton

Love from Manchester to New York: Number 2 in our best of 2018 Indie bands.
– Ryan Martin, Jammerzine