Lukas Rossi has released the video for his latest track titled ‘A Perfect World’, from his upcoming album to be released later this year. Lukas has come a long way from his ‘Rock Star: Supernova‘ days. A very long way. In fact, I would say he has long ago found his sound and established himself musically.

With ‘A Perfect World’, we get a continuation of Lukas as he delves deeper from life and those affecting his life with meaning in the music and soul in the lyrics. We have an artist with an introverted heart and that heart is on his sleeve. This is what makes music resonate with most of us. We relate. We ingest. We make the song a part of us. This, to me, is what Lukas will be remembered for. Let’s listen.

The release of “A Perfect World” marks the kick-off to a series of singles in a row forthcoming from Lukas Rossi and Seventy7 Records, as well, this series of songs will be inserted in a new album slated to drop in late 2022.

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About Lukas Rossi & ‘A Perfect World’

A Perfect World, co-written by award-winning rockstar and platinum-selling sensation, Lukas Rossi and Amanda Nail of Seventy7 Records is available now! A Perfect World marks the kick-off to a series of singles in a row forthcoming from Lukas Rossi and Seventy7 Records, as well, this series of songs will be inserted in yet another incredible album slated to drop for Rossi, late in 2022. All I can muster after viewing this deep and meaningful video creation is you most definitely have to have your Kleenex tissues close by, I was overcome with tears. Whether it’s the song or the video, A Perfect World displays significant topics and a perfect time to unveil this truly momentous piece upon the healing powers of Easter.

This video encompasses the essence of the song beautifully, like capturing an infinite measure, both a creative workbook and an authoritative musical reference, is a profoundly moving and pertinent video so relatable to what is going on globally. It fleshes out the inside of a perfect arrangement that is cerebrally stunning as its melody seeps deep into your brain. Co-written together, video shot by Amanda Nail of Seventy7 Records, and angelically sung by Lukas Rossi, as he openly shares so much passion and emotion that it literally reaches deep inside your chest and tugs at your heartstrings, instantly turning on your tap of tears. This bold display is truly his most compelling expression to date as he pours out his honest heart and soul into this multidimensional space allowing for a variety of thoughts and ideas to coexist.

It expresses the enduring effect of everyday life in an uncertain world, where every moment is precious, and to always make it count. A Perfect World allows a demonstration of strength inside Rossi’s vocal mastery along with a deep understanding of positive hope and how to spread awareness of trying to find the beauty inside every day.

Throughout the years of touring, meeting fans, collaborating, and self-reflection, the urge to do more with his music is higher than ever. Rossi signed with Seventy7 Records in 2021 and released Autonomic” an album dedicated to raising awareness about the invisible illness Dysautonomia. In addition, a portion of the album sales will go to Dysautonomia International, a charity that funds research on Dysautonomia and provides resources for people living with the condition.

This is just the start of many big things to come in 2022! Lukas is featured and co-wrote “Neurotic” n Three Days Grace upcoming record “Explosions”, originated as a collaboration between Rossi nd Neil Sanderson of the band for the side project King City in 2016.